A Day in the Life of a Mental Health and Wellbeing Student

What does a day look like in the life of a mental health and wellbeing student? Well, the course is full time and I treat it like a job. I also have a Work Based Learning placement, a voluntary role at Wrexham Foodbank and a family; although it sometimes feels like it’s just me and the dog at home (until a ton of washing appears and I know there’s more bodies in the house!) 

My day starts at 7am when I’m lucky enough to have a cup of tea brought to me in bed.  I take a few minutes to remind myself that it’s a uni day, enjoying my tea whilst listening to the news and sending messages to my family to ‘have a nice day’.  

Downstairs, I’m enthusiastically greeted by our dog, Bryn - it’s as if he hasn’t seen me for days with lots of tail wagging and licks. We have our breakfast before heading out for a walk. We do this whatever the weather, both enjoying the peace of the park. For Bryn it’s all the sniffs to take in and squirrels to try and catch, whilst for me it’s the fresh air that wakes me up and the sense of calm it brings from being outdoors. It’s also good to see other people, share a cheerful ‘Good Morning’ or to complain about the weather (again!). This sets me up for the day ahead. 


 I drive into uni early to get a parking space and grab a coffee before the lecture starts. Our lectures may be lively debates on social topics or sensitive issues that involve thought provoking responses, and I always leave campus full of ideas and things to think about.  

I head to my Work Based Learning which is currently in a local Community Hub. No day is ever the same, with people dropping in and out or events taking place, but (you’ve guessed it) lots of tea and chats. It’s good to share concerns or worries over a cuppa. I also catch up with my mentor to reflect on any situations that may have taken place. This supports my role and means I can plan for the next session. 

At home I whizz around the house tidying, hoovering and sorting tea for my family, baking cookies or a cake if I’ve got time.  I may spend some time in the garden, weeding and checking on my seeds or any new signs of plants that are starting to come through. I find this very therapeutic, and it is something I’m looking to develop for future health and wellbeing roles.  I pop back out with Bryn. This an opportunity to go over anything from uni or my placement and think it through. It’s good to put it behind me and clear my mind before I end my ‘work’ day.  I’m a big list writer, so when I get home, I make post-its as reminders of things I need to do before my family arrive. This is my favourite part of the day - time for us to be together and share stories of everyone’s day.  

My uni head goes back on for a couple of hours and I do some reading, research or planning for assignments with a background of calming music.  I end my day with some self-care - a bubble bath, a cup of tea (occasionally a glass of wine) and my latest book.  

Looking back at my day I realise that, whilst I’m always busy and life is full on, I do manage to look after my own wellbeing which helps me to live a good life.