Explore Wrexham University - wherever you are! See what it's like on campus and what facilities are available.

How to use the virtual tour

Our virtual tour works in a similar way to Google Maps, however there are some useful icons to help you with your journey through our Faculty:
  • Play iconThis button will play a brief snippet of the areas you can navigate through on your tour.
  • First person iconUse this button to switch to a first-person view of the tour.
  • Floorplan iconThis button will show you a birds-eye view of a floor you're touring. Use it to fast travel to specific areas.
  • Floors iconThis button will allow you to move between different floors on your tour.
There are a number of coloured icons you can select that will allow you interact with the tour:

  • Blue iconThe blue icon will show you information about the area of the tour you're currently in.
  • Red iconThe red icon when selected will show you a video.
  • Purple iconThe purple icon will allow you to navigate between the different buildings that make up the tour.
  • Green iconThe green icon will allow you to fast-travel to different parts of the tour.