Using a Fully Funded Degree Apprenticeship makes sense for your business.

In short DA’s are a fantastic way to get employees in Wales a University level qualification whilst working at the same time. You’ll gain a highly skilled employee with both the academic qualifications and the relevant practical skills that will enhance your workforce either by upskilling an existing employee or recruiting new talent to your business. By working for your company, a Degree Apprentice will develop an in-depth understanding of the sector and your business and by studying one day per week with us they’ll bring a fresh perspective and up-to-date knowledge to their job to meet future and current demand. 

Benefits of using a Degree Apprenticeship: 

  • Enhance your workforce
  • Fill the skills gap
  • Gain employees with tailored skills and knowledge
  • Grow your business
  • Upskill existing staff
  • Increase productivity
  • Demonstrate your commitment to investing in people

Similar to a traditional apprenticeship, Degree Apprenticeships combine work-related learning with Higher Education study. The “apprentice” must be in a job role appropriate to the programme they are studying and work 51% of their time in Wales. There is no upper age limit to these programmes.

At Wrexham University we have decades of experience in work placed learning and educating industrial students and have been successful in securing funding for Six Fully Funded Degree Apprenticeship programmes. 

The programmes available from September 2023 are; 

  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Production Engineering
  • Low Carbon Energy, Efficiency and Sustainability - we are the only University in the region offering this programme!

To enquire about the following programmes and their next starting dates, please contact

  • Cyber Security
  • Software Engineering

Eligibility Criteria for a Fully Funded Degree Apprenticeship with Wrexham University; 

  • The employee must work in Wales at least 51% of the time
  • The employee must be able to attend Wrexham University one day a week for studies
  • The employee must meet programme entry requirements

 For further details on our upcoming and future Degree Apprenticeship programmes please contact

Are you looking to take the next step in your career?

Do you want to find out more about how you could access Fully Funded programmes whilst working full time? 

You no longer have to choose between a degree or an apprenticeship. A growing number of companies are offering degree-level apprenticeships, so you can study for a degree debt-free while gaining hands-on commercial experience. Degree apprenticeships are great if you have a focused career path in mind, want to get stuck into working while studying towards a degree, and earn as you learn. 

A degree apprenticeship gives you real work experience, alongside the knowledge and theory you'll get from studying for a degree. By allowing you to develop the skills and knowledge for specific jobs and careers it could kick-start your career and give you a strong CV tailored to the field you want to work in.

You don’t need to be a new recruit to start a Degree Apprenticeship programme, you and your employer may be looking to develop your skills further. Apprenticeships are all age programmes.

At Wrexham University we have decades of experience in work placed learning and educating industrial students and have been successful in securing funding for Six Fully Funded Degree Apprenticeship programmes. 

To be eligible for the funding for these programmes with Wrexham University, you must: 

  • be in employment in Wales
  • be supported by your employer to undertake the level of study required
  • meet the standard entry requirements for the programmes
  • have not studied a similar subject at this level or higher previously

If you’d like to discuss the programmes or this opportunity further, please contact