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Fri 19th Jan/ Fri 31st May 2024

MSc Health, Mental Health and Wellbeing Workshop

Are you working in the health and social care sector and looking to upskill? Do you have an undergraduate degree and are wondering whether a Masters might be for you?

Have you been thinking about a career change to attain more satisfaction from your working life? Why not come along to this relaxed and informal session that explores what it is like to study at Masters level, what the topic area of public health, mental health and wellbeing is all about, and what opportunities there are to work in this vibrant and rewarding sector. 

The session is delivered by the programme leader for the MSc Health, Mental Health and Wellbeing programme, and will take the form of a workshop where there will be the opportunity to ask questions and chat informally among all the attendees. 

This event will take place on the following dates:

Friday 19th of January 2024, 09:30-12:00, Wrexham Plas Coch Campus - Book now

Friday 31st of May 2024, 09:30-12:00, Wrexham Plas Coch Campus - Book now



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What's on

Multiple dates

Education Workshop: Digital Play in Early Childhood

Join us for an exploration of digital play in early childhood. Share your experiences and challenges of using technology with young children in a supportive and informed session.

Wed 21st Feb 6pm – 7:30pm @ Wrexham Campus - Book now

Wed 28th Feb 6pm – 7:30pm @ Northop Campus - Book now

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Mon 6th Mar 5pm – 6pm @ Wrexham Campus

Launch of BA (Hons) Education Studies and BA (Hons) Early Childhood studies

We are delighted to be welcoming you to our newly furbished classrooms. This is an introductory event, offering an overview of current practices and research.

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Mon 11th Mar 5pm – 6pm @ Wrexham Campus

Education Workshop: Transformative power of adult education through film

Join us for a captivating exploration of Adult Education through the lens of cinema. In this seminar, we delve into the power of films that spotlight adult education, unveiling their narratives that celebrate growth, transformation, and lifelong learning.

Discover how these cinematic tales mirror real-world journeys and underscore the profound significance of Adult Education in shaping lives and communities.

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Multiple dates

Education Workshop: Rebel Leaders

This workshop is aimed at supporting staff in education settings to utilise effective models of leadership to enhance staff cohesion, development and assist in the continuous progress of your setting. Utilising the models of ‘rebel ideas’ as well as other creative thinking strategies, we aim to discuss, collaborate and share in groups from a range of education practices to plan, prepare and evaluate the goals we set each year for our staff and students.

Aimed not just at those within existing leadership roles, but also for those either wishing to move into leadership positions in the future.

Wed 17th Apr 6pm – 7:30pm @ Wrexham Campus - Book now

Wed 24th Apr 6pm – 7:30pm @ Northop Campus - Book now

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Mon 29th Apr 5pm – 6pm @ Wrexham Campus

Education Workshop: Exploring the moral limits of market driven education

"What Money Can't Buy" by Michael J. Sandel examines the encroachment of market values into non-market spheres, questioning the ethical implications of commodifying aspects of life he identifies as 'civic goods.' The book challenges the notion that everything can or should be bought and explores the moral consequences of such marketisation.

This seminar considers the implications of adopting such principles within education in the UK

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Multiple dates

Education Workshop: ALN Reform

Join us for a conversation about the new ALN transformation in Wales.

This session aims to provide you with a supportive platform to share your experiences, learn from one another and explore effective support and education for individuals with ALN.

Wed 8th May 6pm – 7:30pm @ Wrexham Campus - Book now

Wed 15th May 6pm – 7:30pm @ Northop Campus - Book now

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