Make Learning Part of the New Normal

Across the UK this autumn, children, teachers, students and academics from all walks of life are experiencing changing and challenging times as they get to grips with learning in the ‘new normal’ way – for however long that may be the case.

Many of us have had to adapt our ways of thinking and ‘being’ over the past months, which in its turn has resulted in having a ‘rethink’ and a ‘reset’ regarding careers, future goals and ambitions as well as relationships, lifestyles and hobbies. Some have taken to a ‘new normal’ like a duck to water; embracing change and instruction, thriving at a new work-life balance and not at all interested in welcoming back old ways, habits and routine. Others are missing familiarity, structure, encouragement and guidance – the oomph that makes them get out of bed in the morning. One thing that is certain, no matter what outlook you have taken on the current situation, is that learning is for EVERYONE, a tool essential for not only growth and wellbeing, but something that can be used to change things for the better in both our personal and professional lives, and should not be overlooked or perceived as something impossible at this time.

Whilst the virus may very well still determine a number of life factors at this moment, taking control of our own learning right now is something we can ALL do and if anything, with so many affordable (and sometimes FREE!) learning opportunities available solely online with Wrexham Glyndŵr University, it’s easier than ever to learn and study and in many cases, anytime and anywhere!

Be it ‘business as usual’, working from home, furloughed or made redundant as a result of the COVID19 pandemic, there are many online opportunities for us all to explore and steer our focus onto a positive outcome and future for ourselves.

What's there to learn? 

Fancy learning about something a little outside the comfort zone? How about notorious crimes and criminals? Or perhaps the habitat requirements of birds in Britain? Click here to view our upcoming online short courses.

Thinking about a change of career or wanting to explore your transferable skills? Click here to learn about our FREE Career Development Skills course.

Does no longer having a daily commute mean you have some time in your day to focus a little on your career progression and goals? Click here to view all our upcoming professional courses.

Leading a team during this ever changing, unpredictable time? Our upcoming business short courses looking at Leadership and Motivation could equip you with the skills and tools to ensure a positive outcome.

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Written by Ann Bell. Ann has recently joined the Enterprise Team as a Bilingual Communications Officer.