My experience as an Applied Sports & Exercise Sciences student

Outside of the sports building

Applied Sports and Exercise Sciences is great for individuals who are not fully convinced of a particular career path. I was originally thinking of doing a physiotherapy degree, but once I started my Sports Sciences journey, I knew I had a better variety of career paths. We study nutrition, physiology, psychology, biomechanics, performance analysis, and strength and conditioning. 


We also do 120 hours of placement. For me, this was great as I completed my placement in a gym that I train at. This allowed me to pair being an MMA athlete with my studies. I have been in sport for years, I love sport and activity, I like to spread awareness of living a healthy lifestyle. It was easier than I thought to be able to manage my time between training and doing my degree due to the flexibility of the course and lecturers. 


On a typical week, I am usually in university 3x, a few hours a day of lectures and seminars with the course being split around 50/50: 50% lecture time and 50% practical time. I then usually spend 6-8 hours per day to study if I have time as I feel that it helps to plan my week out. The main topic I enjoy within the course is Sport Psychology. I am currently looking to do my dissertation in this area and hoping to pursue a masters’ degree after I finish.


I have found that the additional qualifications that the degree provides is fantastic - we can become qualified gym instructors and exercise referral specialists before we graduate, allowing us to gain employment. This is a massive unique selling point that most universities do not offer. 


The lecturers are also fantastic; they know how to teach and are skilled at delivering. I really feel appreciated as a student at Wrexham University - it is like a big family. There is always somebody to talk to and support you if you need it. I am proud to be a student here and looking forward to seeing where my degree takes me!

A student in boxing ring

-    Written by Amadeusz Arczewski, BSc Hons Applied Sports & Exercise Sciences

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