About the Faculty

The Faculty of Arts, Science, and Technology at Wrexham University has a rich history of innovation in the Arts and Sciences, which dates back to 1887. It’s entrepreneurial and ambitious in its mission to contribute to the economic growth of the region through strong industrial partnerships and creative thinking. We pride ourselves on our applied research – that is, research that makes a difference to industry, communities regionally and nationally, and around the world. Whether local or international, small scale or large, the emphasis is always on problem-solving and contributing to real needs.

“Our research themes align with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals that form our blueprint for action in Wales through the Wellbeing of Future Generations Act (2015). Our researchers embed their work into Institutional and Regulatory Frameworks in Wales with a focus on climate action, affordable clean energy, decent work and economic growth, and sustainable communities. We have researchers in sustainable housing, green chemistry advanced composites, digital health etc.”

Professor Alec Shepley Associate Dean for Research (FAST)

Areas of Expertise

Research Student Work

We pride ourselves on our applied research – that is research which makes a difference to industry and communities regionally and nationally. Cross-disciplinary research work and collaborations are common between departments and a diverse variety of specialisms exist within the Faculty. See below just a sample of some of the exciting research projects our students are working on.

An applied art student working