Andy Crawford

Job Role
Senior Lecturer in Policing

Andy is a retired police detective, having worked for 30 years in North Wales Police. He worked as a murder detective for 10 years, investigating all murders in north Wales, along with abductions, armed robberies and stranger rapes. He specialised in the interviewing of suspects and witnesses and was involved in training police officers to become detectives.

When Andy retired he joined Wrexham University as part of the Criminology and Policing Team and has been involved in developing the new policing degree.

In 2019, Andy obtained his Master’s degree in Criminology and Criminal Justice and continues to lecture on the BSc (Hons) Professional Policing degree as a senior lecturer. Andy also gives lectures to a range of degree programmes in the University and has a passion for developing close working links across degree programmes.

As part of this, Andy has been the driver for the annual crime scene day that is run across the University, involving numerous students from several different degree programmes.