Chloe Farrington

Job Role
Lecturer in Nursing


Chloe embarked on her academic journey in 2011, commencing her studies and ultimately accomplishing her Adult Nursing Degree at Wrexham University in 2014. After completing her program, she secured her position within the NHS, specifically in the Emergency Department at Wrexham Maelor Hospital, for over ten years.

Throughout her time in the Emergency Department, Chloe worked in various areas such as triage, minors, majors, and the resuscitation room. Her areas of responsibility encompassed providing care to individuals of all age groups, including children, adults, and mental health patients, fostering a wealth of acute clinical skills and invaluable experience in trauma care.

Chloe actively contributed to the development of her peers and aspiring healthcare professionals. Her contributions extended to mentoring and supporting students and new staff members within the clinical setting. Her passion lies in advancing student nurses, striving to empower them to achieve their utmost potential as compassionate and proficient nursing professionals.

Chloe has successfully attained her Fellowship by completing her Post Graduate Certificate in Learning, Teaching, and Assessment in Higher Education. Presently, she is actively pursuing her Masters's degree in Professional Practice in Health. Additionally, Chloe is engaged in the Innovation and Immersive Technology Course, further augmenting her knowledge and skill set.

Her commitment to continuous professional development is evident through her completion of the Effective Programme Leadership course and the HEIW Simulation Faculty Development Course, both of which have enriched her expertise and proficiency in her field.

In summary, Chloe's distinguished journey from a devoted healthcare assistant to a skilled staff nurse and, finally, a passionate nursing lecturer exemplifies her unwavering dedication to the nursing profession and her unwavering commitment to improving patient care and nurturing future nursing talents.