Dr Gareth Carr

Senior Lecturer in Built Environment (ADT)

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Gareth is a Senior Lecturer and Registered Architect, has taught on HE construction programmes since 1998 and has worked in both public and private sector architectural design offices in South Wales and in Liverpool.

An alumnus of Neath College, West Glamorgan Institute and the University of Liverpool, Gareth has pursued his interest in the design and supervision of building projects and contributes to Construction Management, Architectural Design Technology and Civil Engineering programmes at the University.

A corporate member of the Royal Institute of British Architects, Gareth’s academic interests include the work of Richard Owens of Liverpool, Architect and Surveyor (1831-1891) and the history of Victorian speculative housing.

General interests include writing short stories, practicing Shotokan Karate, playing cricket and following the fortunes (and misfortunes!) of Welsh rugby.