Lesslie Malinga

Lecturer in International Business and Management

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Lesslie earned valuable business experience working in Luton, Bedfordshire County, the West Midlands, working for organisations such as, amazon.co.uk, PMP Recruitment, Instant Lettings to name just a few. Furthermore, Lesslie has run his own businesses. An ardent advocate for education for all, Lesslie decided to journey back into education, attaining a degree in Business Marketing, MSc Business Management, PGCE (PcET) teaching qualification and he is currently undertaking a PhD in Digital Marketing. Putting together these experiences meant Lesslie could blend academia and business, enabling him to pursue a career in education. Lesslie has been at Glyndwr since December 2019 initially as a sessional lecturer, he is now a full time Lecturer in International Business and Management as well as the deputy programme leader on the MSC International programme in the North Wales Business School. Lesslie’s hobbies include travelling, watching sports events, running, playing football, motor racing, music, reading, learning and watching movies.