Liz Sheen

Senior Lecturer in Education (Early Years)

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Liz Sheen is Programme Leader for Childhood Studies. Previous to joining the Childhood and Families team at Wrexham University, Liz trained as a Primary School Teacher and has worked extensively abroad in higher education and training roles with adult learners.

Most recently, Liz worked in a development/support role for the National Childminding Association.

At Wrexham University, Liz works towards supporting childcare practitioners/non-traditional students to access higher education, including access to a fully supported e-learning programme.

Programs/ Modules Coordinated

Title Subject
Childhood Law, Policy and Practice


Practice Informed Research Project EDN607
Research Methods (L5) EDS511
The Skills You Need FY301
Placement 2 EDN503
Key Debates in Childhood Today ECS604
The Global Child EDC627
Learning to Learn in Higher Education EDN403
Curriculum Matters 1 EDN501
Introduction to Child Development ECS305
Learning Technology in Education ONLED12