Dr Mobayode Akinsolu

Job Role
Senior Lecturer in Electronic and Communication Engineering

Since 2019, Mobayode has held a full-time lectureship position at Wrexham University, after being a sessional lecturer at the university at various times from 2017 to 2019. He received his MSc. (with Distinction) in Electrical and Electronic Engineering from the University of Bradford in 2014, after his undergraduate studies (including Apprenticeship/Industrial Training in Power Systems and Electrical Machines, and Baccalaureate in Electrical Engineering) and compulsory national service in Nigeria.
In 2016, he received a Ph.D. studentship in recognition of a joint project between Wrexham University and the University of Birmingham. His PhD project focused on applying artificial intelligence techniques to expedite the design of electromagnetic devices. He completed his co-tutelle Ph.D. (Thesis: Efficient Surrogate Model-Assisted Evolutionary Algorithm for Electromagnetic Design Automation with Applications) in 2019 from the collaboration between Wrexham University and the University of Chester with a commendation for his publications (including a book chapter and over 20 papers) relating to the Ph.D. work.
Before his Ph.D. studentship award, he was fully engaged as a research fellow (industrial attaché) and a visiting researcher at the Centre for Satellite Technology Development, National Space Research and Development Agency, Nigeria, and the RFID Research Centre, African University of Science and Technology, Nigeria, respectively.
Mobayode is a Christian who relishes and participates in community events and festivals in Wrexham and its environs, as a member of Gateway Church. He loves travelling, reading, and listening to music. In his spare time, he engages in creative writing and moderately plays a few musical instruments (piano, acoustic guitar, and descant recorder).