Nathan Roberts

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Senior Lecturer Simulation and Digitalisation
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Nathan Roberts originally came to the University from the industry sector where he worked as a lead system developer specialising in virtual simulation and learning environments for a prominent organisation, the organisation provided the development of specialised simulation training across both government and multi-national organisations using the latest technologies. Throughout his term in industry and within the University, Nathan has had the rewarding opportunity to work with many leading organisations across the country in the delivery of technology-focused projects involving immersive technologies and simulation. The engagement across these industries has often complimented and provided invaluable opportunities in identifying new and innovative approaches being used in industry and bringing these into the forefront of his own teaching and research. Nathan’s own areas of interest are focused on immersive technology and the use of serious games (game development across different industry sectors), his skills from working within industry alongside his own interests have been instrumental to his future development. Nathan is currently undertaking a PhD in collaboration with the Ministry of Justice, focused on the deployment of AI sensory-rich simulation environments using the latest gaming technology. Outside the university, Nathan is an avid drone pilot, tech gadget enthusiast and is also following in his families’ footsteps with an interest in horticulture but with a technology twist, he is involved with the application of hydroponics and aeroponics and working alongside others with similar interests in food sustainability and providing self-sustaining eco systems for their growth.