Nikki Lloyd-Jones

Senior Lecturer in Nursing

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Nikki has twenty years of experience working in the clinical field and employed as a specialist nurse with a range of responsibilities for surgical missions in South America, Sarajevo and Gaza.

As an academic she has a particular interest in identity and decision-making with her PhD highlighting problems with methods for preparing nurses to be ‘accountable’ practitioners. Recommendations included proposing an innovative approach for research and practice as a narrative dialectic. Using ethnomethodology (Garfinkel 2004) as a lens for making the ‘mundane’ or ordinary everyday language a focus for interpretation, her study is an articulation of the value of ‘conversation’ (Gadamer 2004). The aim is to evaluate personal and professional standards  used in our everyday decision-making.

Her teaching  focusses on the research process as a means for developing a disciplined  approach to generating evidenced based arguments. She is passionate about  inspiring creativity, curiosity and independent learning by encouraging  critical thinking. Over the past ten years Nikki has been a lead researcher on a  range of funded projects from ‘transition to becoming a civilian’, influences on decision-making in hospital transfer', ‘reflective  entrepreneurship, an empowerment initiative’.

Programs/ Modules Coordinated

Title Subject
Critically exploring professional practice in the context of health and society BMS703
Research Dissertation (MRes) BMS707
Dissertation NHS703
Research Methods NHS744D
Leadership and Enterprise in Health and Wellbeing HLT614
Clinical Leadership NHS786
Advancing Leadership and Evidence Based Practice NHS7D5
Research Designs and Methods ANM705