Transitioning from Student to Graduate to Employee: Accessing Support Along the Way

Advisor with students

Transitioning from a student to a graduate is an exciting but daunting life event. Becoming a graduate for some means securing a graduate job, pursing self-employment and embracing the challenges that can bring, starting a postgraduate degree, or even taking a year out to broaden your experiences, supporting your career decision-making and opportunities. Whatever this means for you, here at Wrexham University, we have a dedicated team of Careers and Employability HE professionals who are on hand to guide you throughout your studies, and on the next steps of your journey.


Our Careers and Employability Service offers potential students (including those considering post-graduate study), current students, and our graduates 24/7 access to various useful tools to develop both personally and professionally. Our services include, but are not limited to:

  • Self-guided resources – Careers and Employability are home to Pathways, self-navigated careers and employability online learning modules to support career planning and management. Career Discovery is home to our dedicated online library of over 2500 tools, interactive guides, and videos to cover all careers and employability topics.
  • Employment opportunities – The university’s only students and graduate dedicated opportunities board. Gain access to our online directory of vacancies including graduate jobs, part-time jobs, vacation work, voluntary work, internships and placements.
  • Employability enhancing events – employability events including our series of Community Connect events, and employer and industry insights. 
  • CV and careers document reviewing service – Once our CV Pathway has been completed, careers documents including CV’s, cover letters and applications can be reviewed, with feedback from a Careers Adviser.


To obtain more personal assistance and specific advice, students and graduates of Wrexham University are encouraged to book a one-to-one career guidance appointment with one of our specialist Careers and Employability professionals. Our appointments aim to cater to different needs, so whether you want job application support, interview advice, or just want a general guidance appointment if you are uncertain about which career path to pursue, we are on hand to help you every step of the way!


Our Careers and Employability Service has shaped many of our students’ lives and has allowed our graduates to make more informed decisions. Abimbola, an international Business and Management student, came to our Careers and Employability team on several occasions as he was unsure how to navigate the UK job market. Abimbola was struggling to acknowledge the skills and strengths he had and how to showcase these to an employer. After gaining support, Abimbola now has an enhanced CV and is more confident in his abilities. He has since been applying for several jobs and volunteering roles which employers are now noticing with interest. Abimbola sent his appreciation to the Careers and Employability team, stating “the impact that it’ll have on my life will be huge. I will make my family proud and increase my chances of employment.” Amadeusz, an Applied Sports and Exercise Science student, utilised our Careers services for similar reasons, and gave thanks to the team, stating that they were “very helpful” and “definitely eased off my stress!”


The University’s Careers and Employability professionals can also facilitate direct communication between you and a recent graduate from your potential employment area, allowing you to receive tailored insights from someone who has just recently navigated a similar professional journey to you. This was exactly what Lee, a Cyber Security student, needed when he came to us looking for career support. To develop his understanding of careers in Cyber Security, the Careers and Employability advisers put him in touch with a successful individual who graduated from the Cyber Security course the year previous. This meeting provided Lee with a “better idea of what to expect and of what is required within the relevant working environment.” Lee is just one of many examples which demonstrates just how valuable taking the step to reach out for advice can be.


As some of you may already know, obtaining a fulfilling career after finishing your degree is not always a linear process; winding roads filled with twists and turns and extensive decision-making can often be expected during your job searching journey. However, in the midst of uncertainty, it’s important to remember that you are never alone and to remain positive. Embrace new experiences, stay resilient in the face of setbacks, and never stop learning and growing. We are here to support you and empower you with practical advice and resources that will help you to navigate this pivotal phase of your life, as well as your future career(s). With our assistance, you can confidently tackle the complexities of the post-university landscape, equipped with the tools and knowledge to pursue a career that resonates with your passions and ambitions. 


Want to learn more about our available support? View our Careers and Employability page and book a one-to-one appointment today!