Sports consultancy & performance testing

Are you a professional sports team looking to analyse your performance development?

Have you set yourself an ambitious personal goal to complete a 10k run or even a marathon?

The Sports Consultancy and Performance Testing specialist team are led by consultant Chelsea Moore, working within the Faculty of Social and Life Sciences.

They offer a range of services for athletes, coaches and amateur/novice individuals in order to support and further develop sports performance, health, exercise and nutrition.

Weekly sessions are available to book every Wednesday, 9am – 6pm.

Performance Testing Catalogue:

  • VO2max testing: £100
  • VO2max testing with report £120
  • Lactate threshold testing: £110
  • Lactate threshold testing with report: £130
  • Body fat assessment: £35
  • Dietary analysis: £60
  • Written diet plan: £60
  • Blood lipid profile: £35
  • Full health screening: £90


If you would like more information about the testing available or would like to discuss your performance plan in more detail with one of our experts, please contact