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Why choose? this course?

Interested in gaining the fundamental scientific knowledge and skills expected of a student entering a science degree?

This course covers the principles and applications of science, practical techniques for work in the laboratory, and the investigative skills needed for further scientific study in higher education. On completion of the course, you will have the opportunity to go onto one of our Bachelor’s degree programmes in Applied Science such as Forensics or Biomedical Sciences.

Key course features

This programme will introduce you to the general concepts and basic principles of natural science, the philosophy behind scientific research and the history of its development. It will enable you to gain an understanding of how science and technology influence and are influenced by contemporary society. You will develop theoretical and practical knowledge of key laboratory methods in biology and chemistry, particularly safe working practice in laboratory techniques and equipment. You will also plan and execute a laboratory or field experiment and develop your data interpretation and presentation skills. 

What you will study

The summer school consists of three subject modules for all students and one English module for international students (80 credits in total). 

  • (SCI455) Investigative Skills for Science, Level 4, 20 credits
  • (SCI456) Practical Techniques in Science, Level 4, 20 credits
  • (SCI457) Principles & Applications of Science, Level 4, 20 credits
  • (LAN474) English for STEM, Level 4, 20 credits 

Topics which will be covered on the course include:

  • Fundamental concepts underpinning science and technology. 
  • Key concepts in chemistry, biology, and maths
  • Scientific language and terminology 
  • Philosophy and methodology in natural science. 
  • Use graphs and charts to interpret scientific data. 
  • Setting up and using a range of laboratory equipment.
  • Instrumental techniques such as titrations, separations, microscopy, and colorimetry
  • Scientific writing and communication skills
  • Good laboratory practice, including risk assessments & ethics.


Entry requirements & applying

Our courses are open to students over the age of 16, whatever your background or country of residence.

The Summer School doesn't require you to have any previous knowledge of the topics, and therefore provides an ideal chance to discover a completely new subject or personal interest. However, international students on the Summer School should be at B2 level (or equivalent) in English language.

UK Students: 

With accommodation - £795
Without accommodation - £295  

International Students 

With accommodation - £1750 
Without accommodation - £1250






Teaching & Assessment

Wrexham University is committed to supporting our students to maximise their academic potential.

We offer workshops and support sessions in areas such as academic writing, effective note-making and preparing for assignments. Students can book appointments with academic skills tutors dedicated to helping deal with the practicalities of university work. Our student support section has more information on the help available.

In terms of particular needs, the University’s Inclusion Services can provide appropriate guidance and support should any students require reasonable adjustments to be made because of a recognised prevailing disability, medical condition, or specific learning difference.

Fees & funding

UK Students:
•    Option 1 (with accommodation):  £795
•    Option 2 (without accommodation): £295

Cost includes technical tuition and personal protective equipment.
Costs do not include food or extracurricular activities. 

International Students:
•    Option 1 (with accommodation):  £1750
•    Option 2 (without accommodation): £1250

Cost includes technical tuition, personal protective equipment, English language tuition and 2 x weekend activities.
Costs do not include transportation to/from airport, food, extracurricular activities 

*These courses are often in popular demand with a maximum of 30 places available, offered on a first come, first served basis. However, if a course does have insufficient students registered it will not be offered. In such an event, any registered students will be offered an alternative programme or given a full refund of any fees paid.


UK Students: 

With accommodation - £795 
Without accommodation - £295 

International Students 

With accommodation - £1750 
Without accommodation - £1250

Course Dates

UK Students: 

With accommodation - £795 
Without accommodation - £295 

International Students 

With accommodation - £1750 
Without accommodation - £1250

If you would like to find out more about future dates for this course, register your interest.