WGU announces plans to develop and operate cutting-edge Cyber Hub

Date: Tuesday 20th June, 2023

A Cyber Hub that aims to transform cyber security research, as well as address the growing skills gap in the cyber security field in North Wales, has been announced by Wrexham Glyndwr University (WGU).

The institution has today confirmed its plans to develop and operate an industry-focused Cyber Hub on its Wrexham campus, in a bid to strengthen its Cyber Security and Computing courses, as well as provide the region with a cutting-edge cyber security hub. 

The hub – which is being badged as the Cyber Innovation Academy (CIA) – will also include a cyber escape room, which will not only be available to the university’s students but also staff from the Military, Police, NHS and local authorities for their learning.  

There will be specific scenarios for each of the public sector organisations in the cyber escape room, as well as specialist software, which will be used by the Police and other forensic investigators.

Developed in collaboration with Cyber Wales, the CIA aims to create a leading centre for cyber security capability development in the region.

The academy, which is set to open later this year, will provide students with access to innovative facilities for learning and practical training in protecting computer operating systems, networks, and data from cyber-attacks. 

Leanne Davies, Programme Lead for Cyber Security at WGU, said: "We are thrilled to announce our partnership with Cyber Wales to establish North Wales' first Cyber Innovation Academy here at Wrexham Glyndwr University.  

“This development will give our students a significant advantage by providing them with access to the Cyber Academy's facilities and comprehensive training in cyber security. 

“From a research standpoint, it’s also immensely exciting – as the facility will help us to deliver learning for both staff and students from the Laboratory of Security and Forensic Research in Computing, which carries out internationally recognised security and forensic research. 

“We are also pleased that this facility will help us forge even stronger industry connections, due to the fact this will also be a vital learning destination for partners from the Military, Police, NHS and councils.” 

Jason Davies, Co-Founder of the North Wales Cyber Security Cluster and Cyber Wales, said: "This exciting, new venture at Wrexham Glyndwr University aligns directly with the objectives of the National Cyber Security Strategy, fostering partnerships, enhancing cyber skills, and supporting the growth of a sustainable and innovative cyber sector. 

"This hub recognises the exceptional talent pool of cyber experts in North Wales, regularly tapped into by North Wales Police and the military, which could also contribute to addressing the rising cyber threat across various sectors. Cyber Wales, with its extensive global partner network, aims to reinforce Wales' world-leading position on the global cyber stage."

As a long-standing supporter of the National Cyber Security Strategy, WGU has been actively involved in addressing the growing skills gap in the cyber security field. The institution played a crucial role in co-founding the North Wales Cyber Security Cluster, which forms part of the Cyber Wales Ecosystem, the largest cluster of its kind in the UK.

Aligned with the ECOSYSTEM Pillar of the National Strategy, WGU’s cyber-related objectives focus on strengthening the structures, partnerships, and networks required to support a comprehensive approach to cyber security. Additionally, the university aims to enhance cyber skills at all levels and foster the growth of a sustainable and internationally competitive cyber and information security sector. 


Image credit: DAY Interior Design