About us

Our Analytical Decision Making Research Group spans a wide range of computational engineering topics, including business processes, business strategies, finance and economics, and theoretical and computational methods.

The Group combines our expertise in business and engineering, to explore the areas of business process mapping, performance diagnostics, procurement, sustainable decision making, knowledge transfer, LEAN, strategy, product development, organisational change, asset management, business models, operational methods, corporate social responsibility and assessing risk.

Our current research partners include Ferroday Ltd, Axis Composites Ltd and Coveris. We are also collaborators in the RCUK Network, 'Challenging Radical Uncertainty in Science, Society and the Environment' (CRUISSE).

The Group’s aim is to develop improved business decision making capability, and to relate mathematical decision and ranking methods to relevant, real-life problems.

Research projects

Areas of current interest for us are the application of evolutionary algorithms and surrogate models to mechanical engineering systems.

Some recent examples of our research work include:

Consolidation of Property Data for the Life-Cycle of a Composite Product (COMP-LIFE) – an InnovateUK Feasibility Study

This Innovate UK feasibility project focuses on data modelling and data interoperability for composite materials. The idea is to be able to capture all forms of data: shape parametric data, test data, inspection and NDT data, measured at any point in the component’s life.

The project lead is Ferroday, who specialise in material data modelling and data systems. There are two other partners: Axis Composites, a spinout from Ulster University’s composites research group, and our Analytical Decision Making Research Group. You can read more about this project at https://complifesite.wordpress.com/.


Green, Jan and Binsardi, Ben (2015) Entrepreneurial intentions: A grounded theory of green-fielding. Sinergie: Italian Journal of Management, 33 (7). pp. 17-36. ISSN 0393-5108.

Outputs of the COMP-LIFE feasibility study are also presented in the form of a website: https://complifesite.wordpress.com/.

Contact us

Professor Alison McMillan

Telephone - 01978 294418; 07850 725880

Email - a.mcmillan@glyndwr.ac.uk