What is UCAS?

UCAS is short for Universities and Colleges Admissions Service. It is the central organisation that processes applications for full-time undergraduate courses at UK universities and colleges.

All applications for admission to full-time degrees, DipHE and foundation degree courses must be made online through UCAS.

How much does it cost to apply through UCAS?

You can choose to apply to UCAS for up to five different courses.


2024 entry - £27.50 for up to five choices. 

2025 entry -  £28.50 for up to five choices.

How do I defer my entry?

Deferring your place for a year may be possible, depending on what course you are applying for. We do not accept deferred applications for Occupational Therapy, Physiotherapy or Social Work, for example. If you wish to defer your application for any of our other courses, please contact us at enquiries@wrexham.ac.uk to discuss your options.

What does 'subject to validation' mean?

As part of its continuous quality assurance and enhancement, the University has new and updated courses in development. The details of these courses are in the process of being finalised and are awaiting their turn in the approval cycle, known as the 'validation' process. As soon as the programmes are validated, the details of the course will be confirmed.

The majority of new courses that are still 'subject to validation' are approved by their validation process. However, this is not guaranteed and should the course not go ahead as planned, or be significantly amended, you will be informed by the University and assistance will be provided to those who have been offered a place to find a suitable alternative course, either at Wrexham University or at another establishment. 

What does 'subject to re-validation' mean?

When a course is revalidated, it must also be reaccredited. Accreditation also has to be renewed periodically for existing courses. The details on the website are based on the accreditation of the previous or current version of the course, and the anticipated updates are made as soon as they are known.

The majority of courses that are still ‘subject to re-accreditation’ are approved as expected, however this is not guaranteed. Should the accreditation not be approved as planned, or be significantly amended or delayed, you will be informed by the University. The course will still run, but assistance will be provided to those who have been offered a place to find a suitable alternative course, either at Wrexham University or at another establishment if applicants do not wish to continue without accreditation.

What does accreditation mean?

Some of the University’s courses are also accredited by external bodies, known as PSRBs – Professional, Statutory and Regulatory Bodies. Accredited courses from some organisations give you the chance to become a member of that professional body as a graduate, and some give you the opportunity to become professionally qualified in certain fields, such as social work or nursing. Once a course is validated, the University can apply for accreditation, but this must be approved by the PSRB through its own processes and cannot be guaranteed, so we do not advertise any new accreditations until they have been secured for the first time.

Do I need to declare a relevant criminal conviction?  

On the online application form, you will only be asked the question about criminal convictions if you are applying for a course that requires a DBS. To find out whether or not the course you are applying for requires a DBS check, see the entry requirements for the course or contact us on enquiries@wrexham.ac.uk.