Get involved with our new Student Induction Module - Being prepared for your studies - that will cover everything you need to know about being a student with us.

What topics are included

  • Digital at Wrexham University
  • Hidden curriculum
  • Student and Campus Life
  • The Active Learning Framework (ALF) - How you learn and how we teach
  • Personal Tutors 
  • Library and Learning Resources 
  • TrACE 
  • Academic Integrity 
  • Careers and Employability 
  • Health and Safety 
  • Welsh at Wrexham University
  • Student Behaviour and Engagement   

All the learning materials are available on the virtual learning environment (or VLE), known as Moodle and are short videos and articles to read. Moodle is a platform you will use during your studies. In welcome week some of the sessions will also be offered via live delivery, allowing you the opportunity to ask questions and discuss what has been shared.

The assessment for the module consists of, a multiple-choice quiz on Moodle (where there is no pass or fail mark).

This is designed to check your knowledge and understanding of the services available at WU to support your studies. 

You can also look at the formal, validated Module Specification for the induction module.

To sign up, don't forget to tick the box on your enrolment form.

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