Karen Heald

Academic Board Nominated Governor

Appointed December 2022

Karen is a Senior Lecturer at the University and Programme Leader for the MA Art and Design Suite, which consists of four programmes: MA Art Interdisciplinary Practice, MA Arts in Health, MA Design Interdisciplinary Practice and MA Professional Arts Practitioner. She is a Senior Fellow of Advance HE and is also a visual artist, filmmaker and researcher who exhibits and presents at conferences nationally and internationally.

She is the teaching staff representative on Academic Board and is also a member of the University’s Research Ethics Committee, Academic Integrity Committee and the Academic Development Team.

Karen’s research explores the concepts of time, creativity and its relationship to video, site-specificity, and the philosophical complexities of arts and science collaborations. Her artwork has evolved out of working site-specifically and on international residences. She has engaged in a variety of collaborations with diverse practitioners such as artists, sound artists, dancers, musicians, scientists, medical doctors and numerous other academics. Karen has disseminated her work in Europe, America and Asia, through diverse artist residencies, exhibiting in gallery contexts and non-traditional spaces, presentations at film festivals, conferences, as well as writing for publications. Karen is a steering group member of the Wales Arts and Health Wellbeing Network (WAHWN).