Appointed 1st July 2023

Maisie has recently been appointed Vice President of the Students’ Union and is looking forward to starting her time in office. 

Originally, Maisie is from Chichester, a small city on the south coast of England. After obtaining her A-Levels and a diploma in Criminology, Maisie relocated to Wrexham to study Ba(Hons) Criminology and Criminal Justice. She has recently completed her second year and has decided to defer her third year to serve in office at the Students’ Union. During the 22/23 academic year, Maisie undertook the roles of Women’s Officer and president of the Uniboob Team. She has managed to successfully link the Students’ Union with “CoppaFeel!” which has proven to be a beneficial relationship for many students. 

Maisie aims to continue working with influential charities and would like to build the relationship between the university/students’ union and charities local to the Wrexham Area.