(Short Course) Minor Illness Assessment & Management

Course details


10 weeks



Why choose? this course?

This module enables practitioners to function effectively and efficiently within the constraints of contemporary healthcare provision in the management of minor illness, to enhance practitioners’ expertise in the assessment and management of minor illness.

Key course features

  • Increase your confidence as a practitioner in the assessment and management of minor illness, by synthesizing and evaluating the management of minor illness through an evidence based teaching package.
  • Blending learning approach.
  • Gain 20 credits at level 6/7 on completion. 


What you will study

  • Clinical history taking, professional communication and referral of minor illness presentations in all relevant settings.
  • Diagnostic reasoning
  • Therapeutic intervention and lifestyle prescribing.
  • Basic blood tests will be interpreted
  • Assessment and management of clinical history taking, therapeutic holism, managing comorbidities and wound healing, managing ear nose and throat disorders, lymph gland examinations, dermatology, respiratory, abdominal disorders, headaches, back pain management, common paediatric presentations.
  • Candidates will require access to a suitable clinical environment and a clinical mentor willing to supervise them in practice.

Entry requirements & applying

To book, please email enquiries@glyndwr.ac.uk

Students must have 2 years post-registration experience as a Registered Health Care Professional in an unscheduled or scheduled care settings.


Teaching & Assessment

Poster presentation


Fees & funding

£580 at Level 6

£800 at Level 7

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