Lecturers inspiring next generation of artists the subject of new exhibition

Date: Monday 16th October, 2023

An exhibition offering a glimpse into the artwork and research of Lecturers, who are inspiring the next generation of artists, is now open for viewing. 

The INSERT Gallery – which is based at Wrexham University’s School of Creative Arts on Regent Street, Wrexham, has unveiled the ‘On the Ground’ exhibition, featuring a collection of works by teaching staff at the institution.

Running until October 20, visitors to the exhibition can expect to see a diverse range of art forms, including paintings, sculptures, photography, video and more. Each piece reflects the unique perspective, creativity, and research interests of the teaching staff.

Dr Paul Jones, Curator of the INSERT Gallery and Senior Lecturer in Fine Art at the university, said: “In the world of art, teachers often serve as the guiding light, nurturing the creative spark in their students. However, they are more than just educators; they are practicing artists and researchers who continually cultivate their craft and deepen their understanding of the art world.

“The exhibition celebrates this dual role, highlighting the profound impact of art teachers as both creators and scholars. It’s a tribute to the dedication and passion of our art educators and underscores the significance of lecturers, not only imparting knowledge but also serving as role models who are 'on the ground,' actively contributing to the ever-evolving art landscape.

The ‘On the Ground’ exhibition provides a platform for the public to engage with the research of the teaching staff at the School of Creative Arts, nurturing a deeper appreciation for the relationship between teaching and marking art. It also aims to encourage aspiring student artists to recognise the value of educators who lead by example.

The exhibition will be open for public view on weekdays between 10am – 4pm.