Wrexham Glyndwr University statement in response to the death of George Floyd

The senseless and tragic death of George Floyd in Minneapolis has been felt across the world;  highlighting inequality, discrimination and issues that must be addressed locally, nationally and world-wide.

We recognise that these events will naturally cause upset and anxiety for many in our WGU community, where our commitment to diversity is key to our values; creating a community that welcomes students, staff and visitors from all backgrounds, placing them at the heart of what we do, treating them with dignity and respect and providing equality of access at all times.

WGU  stands  alongside  everyone  who  has  been  a  target  of  hate,  based  on  racial  identity, sexual orientation, gender identity, ethnicity or religion. We are committed to eli   minating  racial  inequality  through  our  ongoing  and  future  activities,  leading  to  enduring  change.    

Our  University  is  committed  to  supporting,  developing  and  promoting   equality,   diversity   and   inclusion   within   its   practices   and   activities,   establishing an inclusive culture and environment where staff, students and visitors feel confident to be their authentic selves.

Our Strategic Equality Plan 2020-24 sets out our overarching objectives to ensure a learning and working environment that promotes inclusion and equality of opportunity for everyone who studies, works and visits WGU, drawing on the diverse perspective and cultural wealth of our local community; enabling our community to benefit and grow with the University.

We know that we have more to do to increase the diversity of our staff and student body and aim to work collaboratively with our staff, students, and local communities to positively drive forwards equality, diversity and inclusion at WGU.

At this time of deep sadness and discontent, our student and staff support services and networks are here to support you.

If you have been affected by the recent events, please do not hesitate to contact our Students' Union at Union@glyndwr.ac.uk or if you are a staff member our Organisational Development & Diversity Manager at Alison.bloomfield@glyndwr.ac.uk

Our Chaplaincy team are also available to those of all cultural identities, orientations, faith, and those of none, and offers a welcoming and safe environment available to you all.  

You can contact the Chaplaincy Team at Chaplains@glyndwr.ac.uk

We are working in partnership with the Students’ Union (the representative body for all students at Wrexham Glyndwr University) to ensure issues of injustice are addressed for any member of our university community.

The SU are sharing resources for action, amplifying all members voices and listening more intently than ever.

Together we are committed to do even more to eradicate injustice and inequality.