The Wrexham Skills Framework has been designed to effectively help learners to understand the attitudes, attributes and skillsets they can develop at Wrexham University, and equips students to achieve their career aspirations and professional potential. Employability is a cross-cutting theme that percolates through key aspects of a person’s life, their career options and choices.

The Skills Framework supports individual career development learning, as individuals move towards achieving their career goals. It provides a structure to create lifelong learning, and works to future-proof WU graduates as they search for ways to build their employability.

It is used throughout a student’s learning journey at WU and beyond. The Framework is embedded into all academic programmes and is used by professional support services to enhance learning and opportunity support for students and graduates.

The framework consists of 15 elements, including 4 attributes, 5 attitudes and 6 skillsets.

The Skills Framework is currently under review. Check back in February 2024 for exciting updates!