The Law Student Mentoring Network hopes to support students interested in pursuing a career in law and provide them with advice and support. 

Being lawyers ourselves, we understand the anxieties and uncertainties students face when navigating the legal industry.

Therefore, our network aims to:

•    Foster a supportive and candid environment for law students 
•    Even the playing field for students with less access and resources by helping them overcome the barriers of entering the legal profession
•    Improve the experience for students studying law
•    Sharing our own experiences and be on hand with friendly advice and support
•    Help students develop a sense of identity during their law degree
•    Reduce the number of students who do not complete their course

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For the mentors

You will have the opportunity to help your student forge a clearer career pathway and avoid the pitfalls you have faced.

Sign up to find a mentor

If you are a law student of aspirations of becoming a qualified lawyer by any route (solicitor/barrister/CILEX) and are interested in joining the programme as a candidate, please visit complete the online form.

What happens in the network?

•    The student will be partnered with a qualified lawyer known as a Mentor
•    The Mentor will reach out via email to a student to introduce themselves in the first instance 
•    Each month up to a 30-minute discussion on any law query/question or just support that is required.
•    Students shall have the opportunity to have a new Mentor every 6 months unless you wish to keep your current one as the longevity of the buddy relationship is up to the student.