Who is eligible?

Our programme is for any current Wrexham Glyndwr Law Students, or a student known to a member of the network who are a studying a law degree or equivalent. Applications are open from any group that is underrepresented in the legal industry. Examples include first generation law students, law students from an ethnic minority background, candidates with a disability, LGBTQ+ students, students who spent time in local authority care, and students from low-income households. This is not an exhaustive list, and we want the scheme to be open to all who need it.  We will be priority selecting students based on if they are first generation and they can demonstrate a commitment and interest in pursuing law.

First generation students

Neither parent have been to university nor hold a degree. You count as being first generation even if the following people have gone to university: your foster parents, your care workers, your brother or sister, your biological parents (if you are adopted) or a parent with whom you’ve had no contact during your secondary and post-16 education.

The experiences of first generation will be different and broad and incredibly diverse, some students may experience a lack of advice or a knowledge network. You might feel that you don’t have the knowledge and experience of university to draw on from within your own family, you may want to get to know others in a similar position to you or you might just have queries about being a law student and what the future may hold.

We understand that being the first can be daunting and we hope that in some small way we can support and guide you in your journey.

Student eligibility for the Network

•    18 years of age or older
•    Studying for a law degree or equivalent
•    First generation student will get priority to the network programme


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