Crime Commissioner provides insight into policing in North Wales to students

Date: Wednesday 25th October, 2023

The Police and Crime Commissioner for North Wales gave an insight into his work, as well as policing in the region, while delivering a talk to Policing students at Wrexham University.

Professional Policing students across all three degree year groups at Prifysgol Wrecsam/Wrexham University heard from Andy Dunbobbin, Police and Crime Commissioner for North Wales.

He discussed the role and his responsibilities as Police and Crime Commissioner, as well as the Police and Crime Plan for North Wales. He also gave an insight into policing in the area.

Joshua Taylor, a third-year Policing student, said that Mr Dunbobbin’s talk provided a “different but important perspective” on policing.

“It was great to have the Police and Crime Commissioner come in and speak to us. Usually, we have talks from those with a direct policing background, whereas his background is politics – so it definitely provided us with a different but important perspective,” he said.

“It was interesting to hear his insights as his office provides strategic direction to our local police force and the Chief Constable. It was also a good reminder of all the various agencies we work with.”

Andy Jones, Senior Lecturer in Professional Policing, said: “It was fantastic to welcome the Police and Crime Commissioner to the university and for our students from all three year groups to meet with him, in order to understand the importance of his role within policing in North Wales.

“He provided an excellent overview into how our community is supported by outlining his responsibilities. He also discussed the Police and Crime Plan for North Wales, and answered any questions our students had. A huge thank you to Andy for his time with us.”

Mr Dunbobbin, Police and Crime Commissioner for North Wales: “It was a pleasure to speak to students at Wrexham University on my role as Police and Crime Commissioner, my plan for policing in North Wales, and how they can be involved in my work and the work of North Wales Police, especially given a number of the students are studying for a degree in Professional Policing.

“It is important to engage with young people regarding policing, particularly those who may be interested in becoming the Police Officers of tomorrow, both to hear their views on policing and to emphasise the importance of an effective and inclusive police force for all the people and communities of North Wales.

“I am grateful to Wrexham University for inviting me to speak and to see the impressive course and facilities they offer in the city.”