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NHS Funding

If you choose to study one of our many NHS courses here at Wrexham University, you can choose to fund your studies through one of 2 ways The NHS Wales Bursary Scheme or Student Loan and Grants

To receive funding from the NHS Wales Bursary Scheme, students will need to commit to working in Wales for 2 years following the completion of their course. We recommend that students who choose to participate in The NHS Wales Bursary Scheme should review the Terms and Conditions provided by NHS Wales.

The BN course is a three-year degree which requires students to work in Wales for two years after qualifying. The Graduate Diploma/ MSc course is a two-year programme, which as a requirement of 18 months in which to work in Wales, after qualifying. 

This bursary is NOT limited to Welsh students, all students are eligible as long as you are able to commit to working in Wales after completing the course. Students residing in England who wish to study in Wales should apply via the NHS Wales website and not via England NHS funding.

EU students who commence their courses on or after 1 August 2021 must have obtained either settled or pre-settled status in the UK through the EU Settlement Scheme in order to be eligible for funding through the NHS Bursary Scheme.

Those assessed as Overseas Fee Payers will not be eligible for the NHS Bursary. To check, please visit https://www.ukcisa.org.uk/Information--Advice/Fees-and-Money/Wales-fee-status.

For International applicants, please visit https://glyndwr.ac.uk/international-students/courses/international-nursing-courses/

For further details visit the NHS Wales website or see the Bursary Scheme FAQs below.

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  • How do I apply for the NHS Funding?

    Apply for the NHS Wales Bursary Scheme

  • I CAN commit to working in NHS Wales

    If you are willing to make a commitment to work in Wales for a duration of two years after completing your studies, you will qualify to receive the NHS Wales Bursary Scheme. This includes a non means tested reduced rate of maintenance loan from Student Finance.

    Welsh Government bursary available if you commit to working in Wales for 18 months post qualifying with MSc. 

    Once you have accepted an offer from your preferred university, it is advisable to promptly submit your application for the NHS bursary. The latest date for applying for funding is suggested six weeks after commencing the course.

  • I CANNOT commit to working in NHS Wales

    You still need to record your intent to study and register your OPT OUT of NHS funding decision on the NWSSP Student Awards Services Welsh Health Education Registration System. 

    If you fail to register via the System, you will not be eligible to access and apply for the full student finance entitlement. (please refer to the quick OPTING OUT of NHS guide) NHS OPT OUT - Step By Step Guide 23-24.pdf

    You can apply for support towards the cost of your Tuition Fees and living expenses by applying online via the relevant Student Finance websites. What you are entitled to will depend upon your individual circumstances and any previous study. For more information regarding what funding is available please see our Fees and Funding section.

    Even though you are not receiving the Bursary, you can still access the NHS support system for covering travel and accommodation expenses related to your placements.

    If you have previous study within Higher Education and wish to access student loans and grants, it is advised that you contact funding@glyndwr.ac.uk to discuss your circumstances before applying for your funding.

  • Our Courses Eligible for the NHS Wales Bursary Scheme
  • What funding is provided by the NHS bursary scheme?

    Tuition Fees

    Tuition Fees are currently charged at £9000 per year but are covered in full by the NHS so no tuition fee payment is required.

    NHS Maintenance Funding

    The NHS provides financial support through various options. One is a non-means tested NHS grant, which amounts to £1,000. Another option is a means-tested NHS bursary, which can reach up to £4,491. The amount of bursary you receive depends on the duration of your course and your household income.

    Furthermore, students who meet certain requirements can apply for additional supplementary grants. These grants are means tested and include:

    • Dependants’ Allowances
    • Parent Learning Allowance
    • Childcare Allowance

    The NHS Wales Bursary Schemes, administered by Student Awards Services, offer financial support to healthcare students enrolled in NHS-funded courses in Wales. If you are considering a professional career in health care and would like to know more about the financial support you will get during your training, then please contact:
    •    Bursary Enquiries - Tel: 02920 905380
    •    Email: abm.sas@wales.nhs.uk 

    Maintenance Loans 2023/24

    Students are also able to access a reduced rate non-means tested Maintenance Loan via Student Finance, of up to £5360 (Wales) or £2605 (England).

    To access the loan, students must submit applications to either Student Finance Wales or Student Finance England. It is important to note that students who have prior educational experience or already possess a degree qualification are still eligible to receive this loan.

    Other Funding

    Other funding may be available. The availability of Disability Student's Allowance (DSA) depends on the individual circumstances of the student. For more guidance on this matter, students can seek additional advice from our disability team.

  • How long do I have to apply for the bursary? 

    Students will need to ensure they register and apply within 10 weeks of the
    start of their course to be considered for a bursary.

  • Can I change my funding route?

    After the 10-week deadline, in normal circumstances you will not be able to change funding route. However, in exceptional cases your application to change funding route will be considered. If you would like to change funding route, please ask your university to email HEIW.EdCommissioning@wales.nhs.uk with a rationale as to why you would like to change. Any such cases will then be considered on a case-by-case basis and HEIW will inform you of their decision.