Harry Williams

Course Title: BSc (Hons) Professional Policing
Year of Graduation: 2022

UndergraduateCriminology & Policing

Harry Williams

What were you doing before coming to Wrexham University?

Before coming to Wrexham University, I had just finished a two-year Public Services course at College. I was in a predicament on whether to attempt to join the police straight away or further develop myself by continuing my education and gaining more life experiences.

What attracted you to Wrexham University?

I recall speaking to a police officer, who explained to me how life experiences were invaluable when going through the police application process. From doing research into WU and speaking to the lecturers on an open day, their relationship with the special constabulary was a key element of intrigue for me. They offered an opportunity like no other university did. They explained how during our studies, they would encourage and support us to gain real-life, hands-on experience by doing the role of a police officer. This was opportunity I knew I just had to take.

What did you enjoy most about your course?

The areas of my course which stood out to me the most, was the inclusivity for the lectures. I found that due to the limited spaces on the course, we became a close group of individuals who were always supportive of one another. The lecturers were able to know us individually by our names and understand everyone unique strengths and weaknesses. This is something I feel could not be reciprocated in the other universities, where the capacity of the lectures is significantly higher.

What was the support like?

The support provided by the university course stood out to me. The vast experience of the lecturers enabled appropriate sign positing to the most effective person. Where their experience did not cover, they always seemed to have contact with an expert in that field. More often than not, my queries were answered with an abundance of resources and knowledge.

How do you think you have benefited from studying at Wrexham University?

I have benefitted by studies at Wrexham University, through the great support offered by the tutors. During regular meetings, I was able to discuss in person my performance through the terms. This allowed us to work together to from a working strategy to progress the standard of my work and push myself towards getting those higher grades.

Would you recommend undertaking a course with Wrexham University, and why?

I would recommend studying the BSc Professional Policing Degree to anyone with the intentions of joining the police force in any capacity, whether as a Police Constable or a Staff Role. The degree would give you an insight into the world of policing like no other.

How did your time at Wrexham University prepare you for the world of work?

Having received many talks from professionals within my service of interest, my eyes were opened to a more realistic prospect of policing. I got to grips with the intense levels of responsibilities held by each professional and appreciated the importance of working together to succeed in our unified goals. A rare opportunity to attend a seminar by a victim of serious crime was also extremely beneficial. It helped my understanding of the impact we can have on individuals as professionals in the real world.

What have you done since graduating and what does your current job involve?

I have been successful in my application to a Police force and have begun training to become a police constable. 

How did studying at Wrexham University help you?

Studying at Wrexham University helped me to build contacts within my chosen profession prior to my employment. Support and encouragement from the lecturers helped my journey from student to employee be a smooth transition. The in-depth topics within the professional policing degree, helped me feel more confident in my knowledge prior to starting my new profession.