At Wrexham Glyndwr Northop Campus, we know what it takes to enhance our students' education.  Our unique approach to learning, top-quality facilities and community vibe, makes us more than just a campus - it's a life experience.

The enriched learning environment provided at the Northop Campus has helped countless students get ahead in their education. Situated in the rural village of Northop, the campus reflects the backgrounds and cultures of the local areas, specialising in the teaching of Equine Science, Animal Behaviour, Welfare and Conservation and Veterinary Nursing.

Northop plays host to around 100 students per year, creating a community where everyone grows together and learning is provided in a much more interactive and intimate way. 

Veterinary Nursing Clinical Suite

Our Veterinary Nursing clinical suite based at our Northop campus gives our Veterinary Nursing students the opportunity to gain key experience in clinical settings in preparation for their future career.