Research and Consultancy Projects

North Wales Management School’s research and consultancy cover the broad scope of business topics, from accounting, financial technology, real-estate economics, economic-impact analysis, digital marketing intelligence, entrepreneurial leadership, machine-learning econometrics, human resource management through to research methodology.

Activities are undertaken through staff expertise, funded work and through the active supervision of our doctoral students. In addition, members of the centre work with colleagues from other universities to organise and deliver workshops, seminars and industrial dinners.

For more information about collaborative research, doctoral studies, consultancy, seminar and complimentary workshops, please contact or

Content Accordions

  • Staff publications and working papers

    Dr Ebenezer’s Selected Publications

    • (2023). ‘Evaluating the effectiveness of Talent management in Scottish Public Services’, Working Papers.

    Dr Fisher ’s Selected Publications

    • (2023). ‘The impact of strategic planning on entrepreneurial firms in the UK, Working Papers.
    • (2022). ‘Failing to educate is educating to fail. The importance of educational experience of strategic planning for entrepreneurs’, Working Papers.

    Dr Leigh’s Selected Publications

    • (2021). ‘Determinants of Household Wealth: A Machine Learning Approach’. Newcastle Economics Research & Development Conference, 3 June, with Damianov, D. and Slack, D.
    • (2021). ‘Determinants of Household Wealth: A Machine Learning Approach’, IISES 15th Economics & Finance Virtual Conference. 21-22 June, with Damianov, D. and Slack, D.
    • (2021). ‘Determinants of Household Wealth: A Machine Learning Approach’, World Finance Conference. 3-6 August, with Damianov, D. and Slack, D.

    Dr Mason’s Accolades and Selected Publications

    • (2023). ‘Evaluation and Quality Metrics for Distance and Blended Teaching’, with Binsardi, A. in Gummesson, E., Díaz-Mendez, M. and Saren, M. (Editors). Improving the Evaluation of Scholarly Work: the Application of Service Theory, New York, Springer.
    • (2014). “How to Sample Drug Users and Other ‘Hidden’ Populations: Methodological Implications for Qualitative Researchers”, Conference Proceedings, Best Paper Award Nomination, Paper no. 0378, Sponsored by Academy of Marketing Conference, 8-11 July, University of South Wales, with Binsardi, A. and Harris, P.
    • (2010). ‘A Practitioner Paper on Marketing Psychometrics Abroad Using a Case Study Methodology’, Best Paper Award – Practitioner Prize (Nomination), Conference Proceedings, Paper No. 0362, Academy of Marketing,
    • KTP. Project No. 000601, Coventry University, 12-16 July, with Binsardi, A., Saren, M., Dean, A.
    • (2008). ‘Theoretical Sampling in Grounded Theory; Methodological and Pedagogical Aspects for Marketing Researchers, Conference Proceedings, Paper No. 318, Academy of Marketing Annual Conference, 7-10 July, Best Paper Award, Sponsored by Qualitative Market Research, an International Journal (Emerald), Robert Gordon University, with Binsardi, A.

    Dr Muhyaddin’s Selected Publications

    • (2022). ‘Stakeholder Pressure Engaged with Circular Economy Principles and Economic and Environmental Performance’, Sustainability, Vol. 14, No. 23, p.16302, with Hernández-Arzaba, J.C., Nazir, S. and Leyva-Hernández, S.N.
    • (2022). ‘Foreign portfolio investment and monetary policy: A disaggregated analysis In Nigeria’, Academy of Entrepreneurship Journal, Vol. 28, S6, pp. 1-17, with Can, N., Atabaev, N., Adamu, Y. and Uulu, T.A.
    • (2022). ‘An understanding the food safety knowledge among food science students in Iraq’, Nutrition & Food Science, In progress.
    • (2021). Perceptions of China and other greate powers among Kazakhstan and Krygzystan Youth, Central Asia and the Caucasus, Vol. 22, No. 4, pp. 71-83, with Can, N., Koncak, I. and Keles, I.
    • (2021). ‘An Investigation into sustainability strategies used by Agricultural SMEs to survive in the Hostile Environment: Evidence from food-producing and agribusiness SME’s in Iraq’, Conference Paper, Presented in The 5th Advances in Management and Innovation Conference, with Ismail, I.
    • (2021). ‘Food SME’s New Product commercialisation into multiple food retailers in the UK’, Journal of Small Business Management, In Progress.
    • (2021). ‘Investigating the issues and challenges that UK’s Food SMEs face during commercialising their new product into a retail customer’, Food Policy, CABS Journal Ranking 3, In Progress.
    • (2021). ‘Key Determinants of New Product Sales Processes for Food SMEs in the UK’, Food Policy, CABS Journal Ranking 3.
    • (2021). ‘Strategies to Overcome Food Retail Power Based Problems in FMCG Industry’, Industrial Marketing Management, In Progress.
      Muhyaddin,S. and Simko M.
    • (2021). ‘Barriers to internationalisation in SMEs: evidence from Iraq’, Entrepreneurship and Regional Development, In Progress.

    Dr Poopalasingam’s Selected Publications

    • (2023). ‘How sensemaking influences decision-making outcomes in an organisational setting’, Working Papers, with Binsardi, A.
    • (2023). ‘A literature review on the sense making processes and how they influence decision-making in organisations’, Working Papers, with Mallet, P.
    • (2022). ‘The use of case study methodology in understanding decision-making processes utilising sense making, sense giving and sense receiving in organisations’,

    Dr Binsardi’s Selected Publications

    • (2023). ‘Influence of Cryptocurrencies on Collectible, Metaverse, and Art Non-Fungible Token Subcategories”, Conference Proceedings, Presented at Issues in Contemporary Financial Markets and Banking’, Nottingham Business School, 17–18 January, with Alshahmy, S. and Nagirikandalage, P.
    • (2023). ‘The Role of Big Data in Public Sector Accounting and Budgeting Practices: Evidence from Pandemic Environment of an Emerging Economy”, International Journal of Accounting, Auditing and Performance Evaluation, Inderscience, CABS Journal Ranking 2*, Status: Accepted, with Nagirikandalage, P. and Kooli, K.
    • (2023). ‘Application of Management Accounting Practices within SMEs for Managing Environmental Issues in an Emerging Economy, International Journal of Accounting, Auditing and Performance Evaluation, Inderscience, CABS Journal Ranking 2*, Status: Accepted, with Nagirikandalage, P. and Kooli, K.
    • (2022). ‘Audit sampling strategies and frauds: An evidence from Africa’, Managerial Auditing Journal, Vol. 37 No. 1, pp. 170-192. Emerald, CABS Journal Ranking 2*, with Nagirikandalage, P., Kooli, K.
    • (2021). ‘Big Data and Public Sector Accounting’, Online Conference Proceedings, the 5th Edition of the LIGUE International Conference, Deep and Disruptive Transformations: The New Normal for Organizations and their Stakeholders, 29–30 June 2021, Conference Proceedings, with Nagirikandalage, P. and Kooli, K.
    • (2021). ‘The resistance in management accounting practices towards a neoliberal economy’, Accounting, Auditing & Accountability Journal, Vol. 34, No. 3, pp. 616-650, CABS Journal Ranking 3*, with Nagirikandalage, P., Kooli, K. and Pham, A.N.
    • (2020). “Managerial Skills and Small Business Start-ups in the Rural Food Sector’, Conference Proceedings, 2-4 September, British Academy of Management. This research has received funding through the Welsh Government Rural Communities – Rural Development Programme 2014-2020, which is funded by the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development No. CRN 114-2048.
  • Funded research and consultancy projects

    Funded research and consultancy projects

    • (2018/22). Project Title: ‘Managerial Skills and Small Business Start-Ups’. Funding Organisation: the Welsh Government Rural Communities – Rural Development Programme, the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development and the Welsh Government, No. CRN 1142048.
    • (2018/2022). Project Title: ‘Empowering Women from Ethnic Minorities through Social Enterprise - the EMWOSE project’. Funding Organisation: Erasmus & European Union No. 2018-1-IE01-KA204-038781.
    • (2020). Project Title: ‘Exploring the Recent Trend Shift in Social and Management Research: Social Media Data and its Sampling Property’. Funding Organisation: Economics and Social Research Council. ESRC No. 4030008353.
    • (2019). Project Title: ‘North Wales Transport Research Project’. Funding Organisation: Denbighshire County Council.
    • (2017/18). Project Title: ‘Employment and Economic Impact Analysis of a Tidal Impoundment Project Using the National Income Accounting Methodology’.

Doctoral Research & Awards

Many outstanding students have successfully completed PhD research at North Wales Business School. The following doctoral degrees have been awarded at our School among others in an alphabetical order, namely: Dr Abu Mahmud, Dr Alexis Egerton (Awarded an Alpha Kappa Alpha Prize), Dr Anthony Bridger (Nominated for an Alpha Kappa Alpha Prize), Dr Graham Jackson, Dr Ivan Barjasic, Dr Jan Green, Dr Jonathan Cartmell, Dr Masoom Ahmed, Dr Mehdi Hasan, Dr Padmi Nagirikandalage (Awarded an Alpha Kappa Omega Prize).

Doctoral Recognition | Awards & Prizes (North Wales Business School)

  • The Alpha Omega Alpha prize is presented to an MPhil or PhD graduate from the subject area of Management, for the outstanding impact their MPhil or PhD thesis has had on the relevant area of research (theoretical and methodical oriented research). This award recognises a thesis that has contributed significantly to the development of theory and depth of knowledge within the field, and that displays originality.

  • The Alpha Kappa Alpha prize is presented to an MPhil or PhD graduate from the subject area of Management, for the potential impact that their MPhil/PhD thesis will have in the community (action-oriented and or applied research) and is based on the potential impact of the thesis on the welfare of others or on its applied contributions.

Ongoing MPhil/PhD Research Areas in alphabetical order

Abeysinghe, Eranda. Working title: ‘An inquiry into organisations' sustainable cost management strategies to Enhance biodiversity and value creation’

Boudjada, D. Working title: ‘The Application of Artificial Intelligence in Financial Technology Using Multiple Linear Regression Matrices’.

Gough, Laura. Working title: ‘University and Industry Relationships: The Role and Impact of Industry’.

Jardine, Martine. Working title: ‘An investigative study of the critical success factors (CSFs) in the Welsh food and drink manufacturing industry’.

Taylor, Emma. Working title: ‘Assessing intrinsic and extrinsic benefit and reward incentives within organisations, and their impact on female gender and equality when investigating promotions and promotion opportunities’.

Wood, Tanya. Working title: ‘Structural Equation Modelling in Healthcare Marketing’.

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