We support environmental campaigns and initiatives to encourage staff and students to make sustainable choices in their lives in and outside of the University.

The Environment and Sustainability annual budget is used to implement sustainability projects and to raise awareness amongst both students and staff. This involves managing a variety of different projects, including staff/student engagement schemes such as Green Champions and participating in Green events. Our events are designed to get everyone thinking about energy, sustainability and carbon reduction.

We also celebrate Fairtrade Fortnight and are right behind the Fairtrade message, simple shopping choices enabling farmers to obtain better deals, allowing them to make their own decisions and control their own futures, leading a dignified life.

Hedgehog Friendly Campus

Wrexham Glyndŵr University has signed up to become a Hedgehog Friendly Campus. 

In the last 20 years, hedgehog numbers in the UK have declined by up to half due to traffic, litter and a lack of natural habitats. Working alongside the British Hedgehog Preservation Society, we are working to make our campuses a safe and suitable space for hedgehogs to thrive.

Working closely with our students, we have set up a Hedgehog Friendly Campus group who are working towards gaining accreditation for the University. There has already been a lot of enthusiasm from our staff and students for the campaign, and the group will be holding events and campaigns that everyone can get involved in.

A hedgehog in the grass

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  • What are we doing to ensure a Hedgehog Friendly Campus?

    What are we doing at WGU to ensure a Hedgehog friendly campus

    • Providing suitable habitats that are accessible.
    • Providing a safe place for them to eat and drink.

    • Adding purpose-built hedgehog houses to keep them safe and dry.

    • Ensuring we have a litter-free campus.

    • Undertaking hedgehog surveys around campuses.

    • Creating a hedgehog friendly campus group for staff and students.

    • Creating awareness through social media, newsletters and events.

    • Installing hedgehog crossing signs.

    • Including hedgehog awareness on induction for relevant contractors i.e groundsmen to check areas for hedgehogs before strimming or using similar equipment.

    The Big Hog-Friendly Lockdown Litter Pick Challenge

    Last year WGU took part in the Big Hog-Friendly Lockdown Litter Pick.

    Hedgehogs are covered in thousands of spines, making them vulnerable to becoming trapped in litter. Unfortunately, many hedgehogs die every year because of this. Taking part in the competition will clean up your community and save lots of animals.

    WGU came 9th out of 22 universities, and together we’ve removed nearly 700 bags of litter from campuses all over the UK and made them a little friendlier for hedgehogs. Well done and thank you to everyone who got involved. 

    Found a hedgehog who needs help?

    Call Wirral Wildlife Sanctuary, open 24 hours - 01516255464 - Wirral Wildlife Sanctuary.

    Are you interested in joining the Hedgehog Friendly Campus group? Email us at energy&sustainability@glyndwr.ac.uk.

    Read our hedgehog friendly campus blogs - 

    Facts About Hedgehogs - Lauren WGSU

    WGU Hedgehog Friendly Campus 

    A great webinar about Hedgehog Friendly Campus and what it is all about is now live here - Hedgehog Friendly Campus Webinar

Sustainable travel

As part of Go Green Week in 2023 the university ran a questionnaire to understand commuting habits of staff and students. Data is currently being analysed and will drive activities ton encourage  sustainable travel.

Evidence suggests that public transport has the potential to replace 21% of existing car journeys in urban areas around the UK. Although buses are used more than any other public transport for local journeys, their use has declined by 11% over the last decade.

Benefits to using public transport:

  • Users are more active by walking to and from stops and destinations.
  • Your journey is more relaxed as you have time to read or listen to music.
  • It is better for the environment (a full bus can take 50 cars off the road).
  • It reduces the need for car parks, meaning the land can be turned into green spaces such as parks and community areas.

The University provides a free transport service for students between its Wrexham and Northop campuses during term time.

To book transport email northophelpline@glyndwr.ac.uk.

Wales leads the world with its Active Travel legislation. The Active Travel (Wales) Act 2013 has given Wales the opportunity to transform itself into a country where walking and cycling are normal ways of getting around for shorter journeys.

Staff and students on cycle scheme bikes

Sustainable Travel Campaigns

WGU are rapidly becoming more aware of the benefits of traveling sustainably. Next year we hope to champion campaigns and events with the aim of getting staff and students to consider sustainable travel options and become more active.  

National Walking Month  - May

Bike Week – June

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  • Cycle to Work

    Cycle scheme

    Wrexham Glyndŵr University Sport offers a cycle hire service for use by staff and students to travel between campuses and around Wrexham. (£10.00 for 7 days hire). There are currently 14 cycles available for hire (two of these are on the Northop campus) and can be hired for up to 7 days at a time.

    There are many reasons why cycling to and around campus will be of benefit to you, besides its obvious environmental advantages:

    • Keep fit - Cycling is a fantastic way to keep fit and can help reduce the risk of heart disease.
    • Save money - Riding a bike is significantly cheaper than driving a car. Once you've got your bike it needs no fuel, insurance or tax...and it costs nowhere near as much to start with!
    • Go faster! - Commuter challenges in other UK cities have shown that the bike is the quickest mode of transport in congested urban traffic.
    • Stay young! - Regular cyclists enjoy a fitness level equal to that of a person ten years younger. (Source: National Forum for Coronary Heart Disease Foundation, Sharp).
    • Washing facilities - The University has showers available for use in the sports centre.
    • Free and convenient parking - Ever see a cyclist looking for a parking space?! The University provides a large amount of cycle storage across campus...just find a space for your bike in one of the many facilities on campus and remember to lock it up!

    How the scheme works

    If you would like to hire a Pool Bike go to the reception in the sports centre. You will need to show your valid student/staff ID card and will be asked to sign a booking form, and you will need to read and agree to the terms and conditions of hire.  

    You will then be given the bike, bike lock/keys and safety equipment, all of which are listed on the booking form you sign.

    All campuses have facilities to store your bike and clean you up, with showers at the sports centre in Wrexham and Mitchelmore building in Northop.

    No-one knows a city better than the cyclists who ride there every day – the best routes, the tricky junctions, and bike-friendly cafés. Share your knowledge about Wrexham routes here.


  • Public Transport

    Nearly 40% of journeys that are less than two miles are made by car. Short car trips create much higher levels of harmful emissions, as engines are not operating at their optimum temperature.

    Many short journeys could easily be made on public transport making a surprising difference to your carbon footprint.


    Plan your journey


    Wrexham buses

    Flintshire Bus timetable

  • Go Green Week

    WGU Go Green Week is the week commencing 27th Feb 2023


    We’ve got activities on all week that you can join in with any time.


    Swap your carbon filled drive during Go Green week. Send your route*/public transport ticket to energy&sustainability@glyndwr.ac.uk  or use #WGUsustainiblecommuter in a social media post to be entered into a prize draw  

    *screenshot of  route from Strava or similar app  


    From 27th Feb to 13th March, buy a Fairtrade coffee at one of our catering outlets and enter the draw to win a hamper of Fairtrade goodies.


    Explore some of the green projects WGU have been working on. Voucher will be your choice of either the Fat Boar or Love to Shop.

    • Download What3words app.
    • Find the locations in order.
    • Type the three-word location into the search box and hit navigate.

    Pick up a letter up at each location to form an anagram, send your answers to energy&sustainability@glyndwr.ac.uk with your name and student number.

    What am I looking for

    What 3 Words

    In this location you’ll find one of our new recycling points.


    In 2021, the University had funding to improve its waste segregation and recycling which allowed us to introduce colour coded bins. Did you know that disposable coffee cups can’t currently be recycled so should go in the black general waste bin.

    Cans, plastic bottles, paper and card can go in the mixed recycling bins. We have a separate recycling point for food wastes in the canteens and food outlet areas.


    In this location you’ll find a water fountain.

    All the public water fountains in the University are on the Refill.org.uk app – there are 8 in total across all campuses. If you download the app it shows you the nearest refill point wherever you are in the UK - so you’ll never need to pay for bottled water again if you remember your refillable bottle.


    In this location you’ll find a solar power water heating system.

    This was part of a university research project. A student claimed £300 from the Living Lab Scheme which helps to fund student sustainability research.

    The University also has photoelectric panels on Creative Industries Building and The Alive Hub in Wrexham, plus a whole solar wall in St Asaph


    In this location you’ll find an electric vehicle charging point.

    In 2021 the University invested in 2 electric minibuses, 3 electric vehicles and 15 charging points.


    At this location you’ll find vegan options

    Aramark, the University’s catering contractors, offer a vegan option every day and have a wide selection of Fairtrade goods. If you eat-in you can choose reusable plates & cutlery and avoid unnecessary takeaway packaging which can’t currently be recycled.

    Did you know, if you use a reusable cup for your hot drinks, you won’t be charged the 20p disposable cup surcharge. All the extra 20ps are used to buy reusable cups which we hand out to new students at Freshers Fair.



    At this location you can hire a bike.

    Did you know that you can hire bikes from the sports centre so you can make your short journeys greener? Prices for hire start from £10.00pw with your student ID

    You can also recycle your batteries here too.


    In this location you’ll find a hedgehog house.

    Did you know hedgehogs have declined by up to 50% in the last 20 years? The university joined the Hedgehog Friendly Campus campaign to make the campus more hedgehog friendly and raise awareness of how you can be more hedgehog friendly.


    At this location you’ll find somewhere you can reflect.

    The communal garden is open all year round on weekdays for you to come and enjoy a moment of tranquillity and space to unwind. The garden has been designed with nature in mind and we have areas of wildflowers, plants to attract pollinating insects and a wide range of edible plants. Can you spot a frog in our pond?




    Location: Reception 

    Time: 10am-2pm 

    Come and have a chat and see what’s on offer at our sustainability fair. Organisations represented include: 

    • Green Glyndwr  
    • Veolia Waste Management 
    • Groundworks Energy  
    • RSPB 
    • Glyndwr Careers & Employability 
    • Innovative Energy 
    • Keep Wales Tidy 
    • Student Finance 

    Location: Student Union 

    Time: 11am-2pm 

    Clothing Exchange Event 

    Swap the clothes you’re bored of for something new. If you donate 5 or more items you can get a free brew. 

    *Items not swapped on the day will be donated to charity 

    Location: Student Union 

    Time: 11am-2pm 

    Green Info Corner 

    Learn more about what the Student Union is to be green including the Green Glyndwr Society, Communal Garden, Cup Again Scheme


    Location: United Kitchen 

    Time: All day 

    Aramark will be cooking up delicious vegan food in United Kitchen and additional vegan options will be available in other catering outlets 

    Location: Reception 

    Time: 10am-2pm 

    Horticulture Wales will be offering free herbs and microgreen portions that have been hydroponically grown on our Northop campus and demonstrating a table top hydroponic system

    Location: Communal Garden 


    Join us in the garden to pick and plant your own veggie seeds to take home or nurture in the Communal Garden

    Location: B24 

    Time: 1pm-2pm 

    Join Dr Caroline Gorden and Tegan Brierley-Sollis for their lecture ‘Are you committing a crime against yourself? What really is the best way to go green?’ 

    Places are limited so please book onto the session here 

    *this session will be recorded 


    Location: Regent Street 

    Time: 11am-1pm 

    Come and have a chat to University and Student Union staff about what's going on in Glyndwr Uni to Go Green

    Location: Wrexham Student Village 

    Time: 2pm – 4pm 

    Find out what your options are for active travel in and around Wrexham. 

    Location: Sports Centre  

    Time: All day 

    Get to know about our Cycle Hire Scheme that’s open to all students 

    Location: Green Glyndwr Social Media  

    Time: All day 

    Take part in our travel questionnaire to help us understand our carbon footprint and target how we can improve green travel options 

    Learn about the cycle to work scheme open to all staff. 

    Got an electric vehicle or thinking about it – we’ll let you know how you can use the University Electric Vehicle Charging points.


    Location: Borras Park 

    Time: 11-3pm 

    Wrexham Glyndwr University are joining up with Wrexham County Borough Council to start the planting of over 700 trees. 

    Tesco are generously providing snacks for volunteers. 

    Minibuses will be available for transport. 

    Please email p.francis@glyndwr.ac.uk to book on.

  • Fairtrade Fortnight

    Did you know we became a Fairtrade University in 2018?

    The Fairtrade Foundation commented on our application,

    “Well done, you have provided us with an incredibly detailed set of policies that extensively illustrate your commitment to Fairtrade and the steps put in place to ensure that a high standard of ethical practice is maintained. We are impressed by your motivation and it is great to see the possible collaboration with Wrexham’s Fairtrade group”.

    Fairtrade Certified Products at WGU

    Wrexham Glyndŵr University sells Fairtrade products throughout all its catering outlets, including the Students Union, and offers Fairtrade products at all in-house and external meetings.

    Each year for two weeks over February and March, Fairtrade puts a spotlight on trade through Fairtrade campaigns, Together with Fairtrade farmers and workers, campaigners and businesses up and down the country, they highlight the difference Fairtrade can make to lives and communities.

    Fairtrade Fortnight Competition to Win Fairtrade Goodies

    We run competitions to win Fairtrade Goodies, simply purchasing a Fairtrade item enters you into a prize draw to win some goodies.

  • Earth Hour

    In March we take part in Earth Hour.

    Each year, Earth Hour, organised by WWF, takes place from 8.30pm until 9.30pm (local time). Every year millions of people, businesses and landmarks set aside an hour to host events, the Universities residents switch off their lights, go outside and make noise for the Earth hour movement.

  • Recycle with British Heart Foundation

    WGU currently have BHF Recycling drop off points around our campuses. The aim is to encourage staff, students and visitors not to throw away their unwanted items in a bid to saving the environment and with BHS, save someone’s life.


    Dropping your clothes in a BHF collection bin means that they will be given a new life. Recycling your old items will not only prevent those greenhouse gases from being emitted but also lessens the need for newly manufactured clothes, effectively cutting down on the environmental damage incurred in the textile manufacturing process.

  • Leavers Food Donation

    In 2018 WGU started a food collection for unwanted tinned and packet food which is still ongoing today.

    The food is donated to our local food bank as residents are departing.

    We encouraged residents to get involved to drop off their donated food at our accommodation offices before they checked out of WGU accommodation.  

    The Foodbank relies on goodwill and support. They always welcome donations and use them to provide help to people in crisis. Over 90% of the food distributed by foodbank is donated by the public – that’s why your food donations are absolutely vital to our ability to give everyone referred to us a balanced and nutritious three day supply of food.