Sustainability Policies, Strategies & Plans

Wrexham University is committed to understanding and managing its impact on the environment. Our mission is to work in local and global partnerships to inspire and educate our students and help to drive economic, social and cultural success in our region and beyond. As an anchor institution, we will take a leading role in promoting the sustainability of our region. Our commitment to a sustainable environment will be manifested in our academic endeavours, our approach to managing and developing our campus, estates, facilities, transport, and activities, as well as our public advocacy.

Environmental Sustainability Strategy 

Our strategy will influence and shape the organisation so that it will be recognised as demonstrating best practice in environmental and sustainable excellence.

Energy & Sustainability Management Statement Policy

‌As a University that aims to inspire, educate and enable success, we aim to conduct our operations to reflect best environmental practice. Our Environmental Sustainability Strategy will provide a strategic framework to influence and shape the organisation to develop and implement best practise in environmental and sustainability performance.

Carbon Management

Green Champions are a network of volunteers made up of staff and students. They work together to make WU a more sustainable and greener place to work and study. They report to the Sustainability, Environment Team and Sustainability Action Forum. Today it is more important than ever to become a greener, more efficient university. WU provides annual outdoor training sessions for all its green champions.

Treasury Management

Developed to support WU's aims to invest its funds with due consideration for ethical, environmental, corporate governance and social issues. The policy applies to all staff, students and other stakeholders of the Group and aims to give stakeholders a voice in ethical, environmental and sustainability matters. We do not currently hold any investments but details of any investments in the future will be listed in the relevant Annual Report & Financial Statement.

Sustainable, Healthy Food

In line with WU’s Environmental and Sustainability Policy commitment to procure in a sustainable manner, taking ethical, environmental and social factors into consideration. It has a responsibility to provide nutritious and sustainably sourced food to its customers. 



Ethical employment in the supply chain

The University has adopted the Welsh Government’s Code of Practice on Ethical Procurement in Supply Chains. This is designed to ensure that high-quality public services are delivered throughout Wales by a workforce that is treated legally, fairly, and safely, and is well-rewarded. This Code includes a commitment to consider promoting the Living Wage in relevant contracts. 

Visit our responsibilities page to find out more about how as an employer, we're committed to creating a sustainable and fair culture.


Health Safety and Environment‌