The University’s Strategic Equality Plan 2020-2024 aspires to deliver a strategy and action plan that reflects the needs of our differing stakeholders. This strategy and its objectives establish the University’s commitment to equality and diversity under three main themes:

Our Students' Experience

  • To enable fair access to higher education, ensuring that individuals from all backgrounds & groups have equal access to learning.
  • To address the under-representation of protected groups.
  • To address equality & diversity issues, providing a supportive environment for our students.

Our Staff Experience

  • To create an environment where everyone can contribute and feel valued.
  • To have a diverse and motivated workforce, where staff are treated with dignity, respect and have appropriate autonomy.
  • To promote an inclusive culture where diversity is valued.

Our Community Experience

  • To ensure that individuals from all backgrounds and groups have equal access to higher education, and to develop projects on widening participation, student engagement and workforce development.
  • To understand how our community accesses our services, and to address the barriers and inequalities identified.
  • To engage with protected groups who are currently under-represented.


Wrexham University Strategic Equality Plan

Equality Impact Assessment (EIA)

Undertaking an EIA provides an opportunity to consider how decisions, policies etc. impact on people or groups of people with protected characteristics. EIA’s also provide the University with an audit trail, enabling the University to demonstrate that its decisions are considerate and fair.

The EIA should be carried out when considering the implementation of a change, or when drafting a new policy, procedure or practice, so that it can be used during the decision-making process.