Esther Rhodes-Leader

Course Title: BSc (Hons) Professional Policing
Year of Graduation: 2022

UndergraduateCriminology & Policing

 Esther Rhodes-Leader

What were you doing before coming to Wrexham University?

I was studying at Castell Alun Sixth Form.

What attracted you to Wrexham University?

I liked the fact that there were smaller numbers within the class and how they made you feel like an individual instead of just another number. Also, the support they offered for my learning needs was very appealing.

What was the atmosphere like around campus?

Everyone was very friendly and there was always someone there to help you.

What did you enjoy most about your course?

The lecturers, they really helped me throughout my time on the course. They always made sure that I was okay whether it was educational related or outside of it.

What was the support like?

There was so much support, if someone is unable to help they will direct you to someone who can. Everyone has time for you if you allow them the chance to help.

How do you think you have benefited from studying at Wrexham University?

My confidence has grown massively, at the start of the course I could barely speak to anyone but now I feel able to speak in front of everyone. I have also benefited by joining the netball society and improving my skills in that setting.

How did your time at Wrexham University prepare you for the world of work?

It prompted me to try different ways of experiencing the job before applying. For instance, they supported us with becoming a Special Constable within the Police. Additionally the lecturer’s provided interview support prior to job interviews.

What have you done since graduating and what does your current job involve?

I am studying at Wrexham doing my PGCE course to retrain as a primary school teacher.

How did studying at Wrexham University help you?

It made me feel that I am able to do what I set my mind to. Also, it is important to do what you love.