Enrolment FAQs

You can enrol/re-enrol only if you receive an email inviting you to do so. You will know you have completed the online enrolment process when you receive a confirmatory email. If you have a question about enrolment which isn't answered in this section, you can contact on studentadministration@wrexham.ac.uk. For questions about the payment of student loans, you can email srs_slc_queries@wrexham.ac.uk.

Questions about enrolling online

1. Do I have to enrol and what happens if I don’t?

You do have to enrol. Enrolment formally records that you have started your course and registers you for a range of services, including access to your student loan. If you do not enrol, then you cannot undertake your course and will not have access to University services. You will be invited to enrol online or on a paper form. Once you have had your invitation, the link for enrolment is evision.glyndwr.ac.uk.

2. Why do I have to provide proof of identification?

Enrolling online provides much of the information that the University needs about you. Your enrolment is only complete when you have submitted proof of identification. It is a requirement of Student Finance that we verify your identification before your loan can be paid.

3. I have forgotten my password, what do I do?

If you have forgotten your password, follow the instructions at services.glyndwr.ac.uk/apr.

4. I’m locked out of enrolment, who do I contact?

Make sure you have a valid password for logging-in. Try resetting your password using services.glyndwr.ac.uk/apr. If you still can’t log-in or you get the error message “invalid portal content” then contact: studentadministration@wrexham.ac.uk.

5. How do I get to my student record page?

To log in and complete your enrolment use this link evision.glyndwr.ac.uk. You will be asked to log-in with your username and password: if you are a new student then you will receive a username and a link to generate a password in an email sent to you when you are invited to pre-enrol.

6. What if the modules showing on my enrolment aren’t right?

Make sure that you complete online enrolment even if you can’t choose all of the modules for your course of study. It’s better to complete enrolment and sort out any problems with module choices afterwards than not do it at all. You can contact studentadministration@wrexham.ac.uk if you are unsure.

7. What if I log out of re-enrolment part way through or I lose my connection?

You should be able to log back in- the system attempts to resume from where you left off.

8. Why aren’t some changes to my record made immediately?

There are some changes we would like to verify with you before applying to them your record (eg a change of name). Other changes will be made immediately.

9. Why am I giving consent for my personal data to be given to 3rd parties?

In order for the University to provide you with an educational service, we will need to share your information with other people. Who we share it with is fully outlined in the Student Privacy Notice and tables; 3rd parties would include the Student Union, statutory bodies, HEFCW, the local authority for council tax exemption and the electoral register. We do not share any of your special category sensitive information without your explicit consent.

Questions about student loans

Student Loan Payments – Important Information

It can take up to 5 working days (full-time students) and 14 days (part-time students) before Student Finance pays your student loan after the University confirms your enrolment, regardless of the date printed on your loan assessment letter (This date is a fixed start of term date). The most common reason for loans not being paid on time is failure to return a signed “Declaration Form” to Student Finance. Also, please ensure that Student Finance has your correct bank details. If you are a part-time student, you must make sure that the correct amount of credits you study is registered on your application- any incorrect/missing information could delay the payment of your loan. 

10. New Students

Your student loan will be paid when your Student Finance application has been fully completed, when you have returned your Declaration Form to Student Finance and when you have completed enrolment at the University. The University cannot confirm your attendance before enrolment is complete. The University will inform Student Finance automatically when you have enrolled at the Enrolment event, usually on the same day. For new part-time students, you need to ensure that the correct amount of credits is registered on your application. If not, this may delay your payment.

11. Returning Students

Your student loan will be paid when your student loan application for the year has been fully completed and then processed by Student Finance, when you have returned your Declaration Form to Student Finance, and when you have completed re-enrolment online. Loans are not paid before the first day of term. Most returning students will be asked to re-enrol online. The University will inform Student Finance automatically that you have re-enrolled.

12. When will my student loan be paid?

Your student Loan will be paid up to 5 working days (full-time students) and 14 days (part-time students) after you have formally enrolled, and after the first date of term, as long as you have fully completed your Student Finance application and signed/returned your declaration to Student Finance (Please allow time for this to be processed).  Please note, you may experience delays if your application is not correct – ie course, fee and year of study. Part-time students need to ensure that the correct amount of credits to be studied is recorded. Otherwise, this will delay your payment.

13. I have checked my Student Finance letter and the details are not correct, what do I do?

Please contact Student Finance Wales or Student Finance England (as appropriate) immediately in order to ensure your application is complete and accurate ready for the start of term.

14. The date on my Student Finance letter states payment date, will I get my money on this date?

This date is a standard date used by Student Finance Wales and England as the start date of term – this will not be the guaranteed payment date. You will only receive payment on completion of online enrolment.

15. Does the University need to scan my letter from Student Finance?

No. Even though your letter says the University may need to see or scan your payment schedule, this is only necessary if we ask to see it. Wrexham University receives your funding information directly from the Student Loans Company (SLC) without seeing the letter.

16. I have spoken to Student Finance and they say the University has not confirmed my registration?

Firstly, ensure that you have fully enrolled and completed and returned your signed declaration. If you have done this, then please email the following address, including your Student Support Number from Student Finance (this number starts with SFWU or SFDU) and your Wrexham University student number: srs_slc_queries@wrexham.ac.uk.

17. I’m completing a paper based application form with Student Finance do I need to complete the student signature form?

If you have completed a paper application for your Student Finance please ensure the student declaration part of the form has been signed and dated on the student signature form. Student finance state that your application cannot be processed until they have received this.

For further information please refer to the Student Finance website information on ‘Student Finance Forms’.

Questions about Moodle

18. What is a VLE?

VLE stands for Virtual Learning Environment and it is a platform used by the University to make learning resources and content available to you. The University’s platform is Moodle and you will be need to log into Moodle to view your course materials and submit assessments. 

19. What is Moodle?

Moodle is the Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) used by the University to give you access to learning resources and course content. You will be need to log into Moodle to view your course materials and submit assessments. 

20. How do I access Moodle?

You log into Moodle by going to the University website and clicking on MyUni Portal on the top right of the screen. Click on the large blue box to log in and you will be prompted to enter your username and password. When you have done this, you will see a box called VLE (Moodle)- click here to access Moodle. 

21. How long before the course starts will I be able to access Moodle?

As soon as you have completed your student profile and created a password, you can log into Moodle. Please log in as soon as you can after completing your student profile to ensure that your access to Moodle is set up and correct prior to the course start date.

22. I have logged onto Moodle but why can’t I see my course listed?

When you first log into Moodle, it will take 24 hours for your course to appear due to the servers being updated overnight. So if you can't see your course listed at first don't worry, the information may not have been uploaded onto the systems yet. 

23. I have logged onto Moodle and the wrong module is listed, what do I do?

You need to contact studentadministration@wrexham.ac.uk who will be able to assist you in updating your record with the correct modules.

24. Who do I contact if I am having trouble logging into Moodle?

Contact IT Services via email at itservices@wrexham.ac.uk and they will be able to assist you further.

Questions about letters and other help

25. How do I obtain a letter for opening a bank account or getting a student gym membership?

You can print off your own 'confirmation of studies' letter by logging into your student record. A simple guide for printing these off can also be found here: students.glyndwr.ac.uk/home-2/student-administration/forms.

26. How do I obtain a Council Tax Exemption Letter?

If you reside in the Wrexham County Borough area, then you do not need to obtain a letter as we will confirm your student attendance, providing you consent to us sharing this information. You can do this when you enrol/re-enrol, or at any other time by logging into your student record online and updating your consent preferences. If you reside outside of the Wrexham County Borough area, then you can print off your own Council Tax letter by logging into your student record. A simple guide for printing these can also be found here: students.glyndwr.ac.uk/home-2/student-administration/forms.