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WSV Residents Guide


Dear Resident 

On behalf of the Residential and Campus Life team, I would like to offer you a warm welcome to Wrexham University student accommodation.  We hope you enjoy your stay with us and have an enjoyable and successful academic year. 

This page provides some general information that you may find useful, together with general codes of conduct on how residents should behave whilst staying in Wrexham University accommodation. Please read this information, it is important that you comply with the University’s rules and regulations. 

Wrexham Students’ Union will be out and about the Wrexham Campus to offer support and advice to students and information on various social activities. This will be an excellent opportunity for you to meet new friends and socialise.  The Students’ Union team are in the building numbered 5 on the CAMPUS MAP.  

During your stay, if you require any further information, then please do not hesitate to contact your Residential and Campus Life team   

I wish you every success with your studies. 

Yours sincerely 

Glyn Smith - Residential & Campus Life Manager   


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    1. Book your arrival slot – You will be emailed an arrival form two weeks prior to your arrival date, if you have not received this, contact
    2. Budget – Budget planner or contact our Funding & Money Advice Team –
    3. Complete our WSV Evacuation support form 
    4. Enrolment
    5. Get free insurance - It’s easy to underestimate the value of your possessions, and we're not just talking about your laptop and phone. Items such as your clothes, hairdryers and other smaller gadgets, like Fitbits and watches can all add up. Student insurance explained - GET COVER
    6. Get your student bank account sorted.
    7. Join our community – Look out for the link in your arrival information also find us as a QR in your lounge when you arrive.
    8. Get up to date with your immunisations
    9. Register with a Wrexham GP
    10. Sort out any medication you need
    11. WSV online induction, this is available now - Accommodation Portal Login
    12. Order any bed/kitchen packs ready for your arrival




    To apply for FREE parking - please register your vehicle Car Registration Form

    We have two car parks on either side of WSV accommodation.

    • Drop off car park - between the accommodation and the stadium.
    • Main car park on the other side of the accommodation.

    Please see WU Campus Map. Wrexham Student Village is no 12 and we have two car parks, a drop off and main car park that provides ample spaces.

    Please be considerate when parking vehicles and refrain from parking outside the spaces allocated. This includes:

    • Blue badge spaces (without displaying a blue badge)
    • Yellow hatchings
    • Grass areas

    Wrexham University does not accept any responsibility for damage, accident or loss and use of the car parks is at your risk.


    Wrexham Village has a secure bike storage rack located outside John Neal building. 

    Please note that your bicycle should be securely locked when left, Wrexham University does not accept any liability for loss or damage. 

    Bikes and motorcycles are not permitted inside the accommodation blocks, any found will be a breach of your Terms and Conditions of Residency. Motorised disability vehicles are permitted in selected halls but please check with the Residential and Campus Life team for charging the vehicle. Please show respect for these appliances and the persons using them.


    Arriving on arrivals weekend – Please complete the arrival slot form that should have been sent via email to you. It works on a first come, first served basis.  
    Arrivals will be able to unload in the parking bays directly outside WSV.  
    Each slot is 30 minutes, after which, residents will be asked to move vehicles to the larger carpark to make room for others to unload.  

    Please report to the accommodation office (to the right, as you enter WSV, the office is sign posted. It's in between John Neal A & B blocks) 
    Have your arrival email on hand to show your accommodation team and we will issue your key.  


    Arriving outside of arrivals weekend 

    Keys will be available from the - Accommodation office 01978293344 Located to the right, as you enter WSV, the office is sign posted. It's in between John Neal A & B blocks. Open between 09.00am & 16:00pm Monday to Friday.  

    If arriving after 16.00pm or at weekends our security team are on duty in Wrexham Student Village and will happily issue your key.  

    Please note that security staff are available 24 hours. If security staff are not in the office upon arrival, please call the following number and they will come and meet you: Security - 07764687909 or 07764687910 

    Please have your arrival email on hand to show your accommodation team and we will issue your key. 


    You will have picked up your room key on arrival. Your room key card is your responsibility, please DO NOT give your room key to anyone else.

    Please be aware that all bedroom doors are self-locking so please keep your room key on you to avoid being locked out.

    Replacement key cards are £2.00 and you can pick one up from the accommodation office, you can pay online 

    Conducting an inventory PROTECTS YOU, the residents from receiving charges for damages that already exist in your room. 

    It's also an opportunity for you to highlight any areas that need addressing so that we may organise maintenance to be completed.

    You will be sent the link to our online Inventory forms via email 

    When you accepted your room offer here at WSV, you agreed to:

    • Keep the inside of the Accommodation in a clean and tidy condition
    • Regularly remove rubbish and recycling
    • Take reasonable care of all furniture and equipment provided by us at WSV
    • Do not leave any personal belongings or other obstacle in the Communal Areas
    • Not use posters, hooks & other items with any type of fixing method that may damage walls, fabric or doors.
    • To report any maintenance issues as soon as they arise.

    You will need to complete a bedroom inventory and your flat will have to submit an inventory for your lounge.

    The lounge inventory should be completed by the resident residing in a room with the smallest number in the flat.

    Both Inventories need to be submitted within two weeks of arrival.  


    Sorry, but we do not allow the following in your bedroom:

    • Heaters
    • Kettles
    • Rice cookers
    • Toasters
    • Washing/drying appliances
    • For safety reasons we do not allow the use of multi-socket extension leads
    • Pets are also not permitted in the halls of residence

    You are permitted to have your own television in your room, but you are required to hold a licence for this. The television licence for the TV in the communal kitchen area is paid for by the University.

    The following items are prohibited throughout the accommodation:

    • Candles
    • Incense burners
    • Christmas tree lights
    • Chip pans
    • Deep fat fryers
    • BBQ's
    • Fireworks

    WIFI is available, and all rooms have internet connection points. You have been provided with an internet cable when you arrived, and we recommend you use this to receive the best service.  

    WIFI Connection 

    • Connect to ‘ASK4 Wireless’ Wifi network
    • Go to
    • Follow Signup Process 

    Wired Connection 

    • Connect Ethernet cable from computer to wall socket 
    • Go to
    • Follow Signup Process 

    Report an issue:

    Contact ASK4 direct -   

    The Residential and Campus Life Office/Reception and Security cannot assist in any IT problems. 


    Wired Speed: Up to 250Mb/s download.

    4Wireless Speed: Up to 250Mb/s nominal download.


    4Wireless shall be provided over the 2.4 and 5GHz wireless bands, enabling 802.11ax (Wi-Fi 6) compatible wireless devices.

    No. of Authorised Devices: Unlimited.


    When you report a maintenance issue in your flat or bedroom, you are giving your permission for maintenance to access the issue. You do not need to be present.


    Please be aware that reports logged outside of office hours will not be seen until the next working day.

    High Priority Jobs will be seen within 24 hours.

    Medium and Low Priority Jobs will be seen within 10 working days.

    If you are reporting a High Priority Job outside of office hours, please call security - 07764 687910 or 07764 687909


    Please note that you are responsible for keeping your room and kitchen areas clean and tidy. (There is a rota in the kitchen to assist with this in Wrexham Village).

    All our flats have a vacuum cleaner for you to use, please change the bags regularly. If you find a fault with any appliance, please report it.

    The communal areas (halls, stairs, corridors etc) within the accommodation blocks will be kept clean by a team of cleaners.


    Security provide 24/7 Support at WSV - 07764687909 / 07764687910 


    • Out of hours Support at WSV
    • To report suspicious activity/items, or any criminal, immoral or illegal act, including, but not limited to, selling, supplying or using illegal substances, storing or handling stolen goods or prostitution. Any student found in possession of illegal substances will face the disciplinary procedure and asked to leave the accommodation.
    • If you feel unsafe in WSV 
    • Noise complaints during quiet hours 23.00 / 08.00


    The university has introduced a ‘Safe’ word for students to say to university security staff should they find themselves in a vulnerable or uncomfortable situation. This enables them to seek additional support from security staff without alerting the person they are with.

    The safe word is PEARL – on saying this the security team will realise you need assistance

    Please inform accommodation if you are leaving accommodation for more than a week to avoid any unnecessary concern.

    Also consider;

    • Do not let anyone tail gate you into the buildings.
    • Report doors to Accommodation team or security if a fault occurs.
    • Ensure your door is shut properly when entering or leaving your room. 
    • Try to avoid walking home alone.
    • Always have your mobile phone in case of an emergency.
    • Call a taxi if you don’t feel safe. Only use licensed taxis and if you are alone the safest place to sit is behind the driver.
    • If you are transporting your laptop, store it in alternative baggage, rather than the laptop case to avoid drawing attention to it.
    • Use well lit, busy roads. Use the pavement!
    • Walk on the same side as oncoming vehicles so you can see them and they can see you.
    • Don’t take shortcuts through isolated areas, places you are unsure of, or where your visibility/movement is restricted e.g. through woods/alleyways.
    • Have your key card ready when you get to your front door.
    • When in bars and clubs please ensure you keep your drink with you at all times to avoid it being tampered with.
    • Avoid gangs of people that you do not know.


    Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) is in operation at the Accommodation and some areas of the University Campus.

    Body cameras are worn by all security staff on patrol and record audio and visual data.

    In the unlikely event that you are a victim of/or witness a crime on university premises please ensure you report it to the Security Team

    Under GDPR regulations you are not permitted to have domestic or private CCTV systems within the accommodation.


    The University aims to provide a safe and supportive environment for students to study and interact with other students, staff and visitors, and where staff can work free from any sexual misconduct and violence. Sexual misconduct and violence refers to a broad spectrum of behaviours that cannot be divorced from other types of gender based violence including, but not limited to, intimate partner violence or domestic abuse, coercive and/or controlling behaviour, and stalking.

    What is sexual Misconduct:
    Sexual Misconduct and Violence is defined as any unwanted conduct of a sexual nature which occurred in person or by letter, telephone, text, email or other electronic and/or social media
    Domestic abuse and coercive or controlling behaviour is defined as any incident or pattern of incidents of controlling, coercive, threatening behaviour, violence or abuse between those who are, or have been, intimate partners or family members regardless of gender or sexuality. 

    What is consent:
    Consent is the agreement by choice where the individual has both the freedom and capacity to make that choice. Consent cannot be assumed on the basis of a previous sexual experience or previously given consent, or from the absence of complaint, and each new sexual act requires a re-confirmation of consent as the foundation of a healthy and respectful sexual relationship.

    What to do in an emergency 
    On Campus
    If you are on campus, the emergency services needs to be contacted via the Security team, who will guide them to the right location:
    Call Security on 07764687909 or 07640687910. Security may call the on-call member of University staff, and can contact emergency services if necessary. 
    Always inform Security as soon as possible if you have called 999 from the University so that they can assist. Off Campus 
    Call 999 to access emergency services 

    What to do in a non-emergency
    Where there is no longer an immediate threat to an individual’s safety or after any necessary emergency response has taken place, an individual may choose to get medical support, visit a sexual assault referral centre or visit a sexual health clinic follow the incident. 
    An individual may also wish to make a report to the police, where they do this, they must notify the University if they also file a report under this procedure, so that an investigation by the police can take precedence.

    Disclosure and/or Report
    Disclosure and Reporting are separate actions that the Reporting Party may choose to take
    Following a Disclosure, the Reporting Party will be given their reporting options along with information on resources for specialist support. The University recognises that the Reporting Party may require time and reflection before making a decision. The Reporting Party will be given the option and support to do one or more of the following: 
    • report to the Police; 
    • report to the University under the University’s Sexual Misconduct and Violence Policy; 
    • make no report of the incident; and/or 
    • receive advice on the support that is available.

    For further information see the Sexual Misconduct and Violence Policy


    Your postal address should include the following to ensure it gets delivered correctly: -

    *Your Name*

    Wrexham University

    Wrexham Student Village                            

    *Your Block*

    *Your Room number*                                            

    Mold Road                                          


    LL11 2AW 

    Parcels and packages for Wrexham Student Village residents will be delivered to the Post Room by Main Reception in University (see below for map or what 3 words for location), you will need to ask for your letters/parcels and provide ID as proof of identity.

    Please contact or 01978290666 to check if you have post/parcels

    Mail can be collected during the following times:

    10:00 – 12:00 // 14:00 – 15:00 - Monday – Friday


    WU Campus Map – WSV is number 22 and main campus reception is number 7

    What3words - ///list.just.early




    Wrexham town map



    • The bus station is situated in King Street.  
    • For details, please call 01978 292000  
    • Coaches - National Express also operate from King Street.  
    • Telephone: 0871 781 8181  


    • Wrexham & Prestige Taxis and Taxi bus 01978 357777  
    • Apollo Taxis – 01978 262626  
    • Station Cars 01978 363661 
    • Wrexham Taxi (24 hrs) 01978 291999


    ACCEPTANCE - At WSV we accept people for who they are, even when they're different from you, or you don't agree with them. Respect in your relationships builds feelings of trust, safety, and wellbeing. 

    KINDNESS - It can be as simple as smiling at a fellow resident, knocking on someone’s door, or eating lunch with someone. It's the small gestures that keep our community connected. 

    CONSIDERATION & CONSENT - Be aware of your impact on others, take care not to inconvenience or harm others. Any form of bullying will not be tolerated and will be challenged accordingly.

    This includes misuse of social media and chat groups. It is a criminal offence to share private materials, either photos or videos, of another person, without their consent with the aim of causing embarrassment or distress.

    By calling WSV your home and becoming part of our community we hope this helps you strive for more and focus on the results you're looking for. We hope WSV creates a sense of belonging, acceptance, understanding and becomes an inspiration for you, creating memories and life experiences whilst you're with us.


    We have a WSV Community Facebook group, you will have been sent the link to this private group with your arrival information. - The aim is to provide an opportunity to get to know each other before you arrive, stay connected whilst you’re here, participate in activities/events whilst you stay with us, and is a tool we can use to communicate information to each other throughout the year.


    Glyn's bar (Student Union) 
    WgSU Societies 
    Umii -
    Download Umii for iPhone 
    Download Umii for Android    

    TalkCampus - Your student email address will give you free access, just download TalkCampus from the app stores or using the following link

    Students can also access a TalkCampus Clinical Helpline to gain confidential support with their mental health any time of the day or night. Download TalkCampus via the app store.



    Whether you’ve all lived together in previous years or have never met before, getting to know each other will make it much easier to live together. 

    • Break the ice, ice breaker games are good for this. 
    • Find a common interest, tell each other about it! Learn what they like to do in their spare time and suggest a day/night out doing that activity and carry this on with everyone else in the house.
    • Do things together - Have a trip to the local pub for a meal and drinks, or have a night in, cook for your flat or order a takeaway. 

    You don’t have to be the best of mates, as sometimes some people just aren’t right for you, but forming some kind of relationship will make your day to day living so much easier.  


    • Decide whether you’re sharing staples or buying your own. 
    • Make sure everyone has equal space
    • Designate the door as communal space
    • If you want something to be off-limits, say so.
    • Ditch old or expired food promptly
    • Make a mess, clean it up.
    • Talk to each other 


    Don’t ignore conflict - While it can be tempting to bottle up feelings like anger and frustration by not rocking the boat, conflict-avoiding tendencies can take a toll on your mental health.
    Leaving conflicts unresolved leads to pent-up frustration and a greater sense of loneliness that can build up over time.

    Communication is key to addressing conflict - Ask the individual(s) involved for a meeting and be clear what you intend to convey to the other individual(s) 

    During the meeting, remember these tips: 

    • Remain calm 
    • Clarify what the issue is 
    • Listen 
    • Do not blame or accuse each other. 
    • Focus on the issue at hand, not the way you are feeling toward each other.
    • Explore underlying issues.
    • Accept that each other's perspective is different, but not wrong. 


    • If you’re feeling shy, put a note on your door to introduce yourself and please knock. 
    • Avoid getting into a romantic relationship with flatmates
    • Save cash by cooking together 
    • Accommodation office don’t take parcels so on delivery instructions give them your number so they can contact you when they arrive. 
    • If your able, do your laundry in the evening. You’re almost guaranteed to get a drum.
    • Keep an eye out for WSV resident competitions, you can win some pretty decent prizes.
    • If your door lock flashes red before locking/unlocking, contact maintenance, they just need to replace the battery.
    • On match days, the stadium hire stewards to control the car park. Make sure you take your ID/room key with you when leaving, so you can prove you’re a resident and swerve the parking charge. 

    Keeping noise at a level that does not interfere with the study, sleep or comfort of other residents. In particular between 23.00pm and 08.00am each day.


    Laundrette - You will have be given a laundry card with your key card when you arrive, full instructions on how to use it are provided on the back of the card.

    How to wash your laundry 

    The laundry building is in the carpark, facing the 2 accommodation blocks; it is open 7 days of the week, 24 hrs a day.
    To access the laundry building, please follow the instructions: Enter the code in your residents handbook on the keypad and turn the handle anticlockwise.

    Toping up your laundry card:

    • Go online to
    • Purchase your unique top-up code
    • Take your laundry card and top-up code to the top-up machine (located in

    You are required to provide your own washing powder

    The washing facilities are the sole responsibility and operated by Circuit Managed Laundry Systems. If you find a fault with a machine, please report it to the telephone number on the posters within the laundrette: -

    Report a machine fault and/or get a refund - Circuit Laundry - 0800 092 4068.



    United Kitchen located in the main building. 

    Our main dining area offers everything from baguettes, sandwiches and salads to pasta and pizzas, breakfasts, and snacks to complete main meals. A range of themed days are also held throughout the year together with various promotions and “Meal Deal” offers.

    Daily Service Times (Term time only): Monday to Friday 09:00am to 13.30pm

    Café Bar 45 located by reception in the main building.

    A Costa branded coffee bar in the heart of the campus, offering everything from breakfast pastries, homemade muffins and traybakes to generously filled baguettes, toasties or paninis with a frothy cappuccino.

    Opening Times (Term time only): Monday to Thursday 8.00am to 4.00pm and Friday 8.00am to 3.00pm.

    Bean Machine located in the Edward Llwyd Centre.

    This Starbuck’s café offers a wide range of speciality hot and cold beverages.  Sandwiches, panini’s toasties and “Grab & Go” confectionery and snacks.  A small selection of daily essentials like toothpaste, plasters, etc will also be available.

    Opening Times (Term time only): Monday to Friday 09.30am to 3.00pm

    WGU Sports centre

    Our sports centre is situated at the heart of Wrexham University’s Wrexham campus. It is one of the premier sporting venues in North Wales and has hosted several major sporting events.

    Study spaces

    Too many distractions in your rooms? Get yourself to one of the study spaces on campus.

    The first floor of the library is a study zone for individual or quiet group work.

    The second floor of the library is a quiet zone which allows individual study with minimal disturbance.

    Refill stations

    We have provided free drinking water stations for a number of years but in a bid to promote our stations and encourage people to use them, we are now part of the refill app and our free water refill stations across campuses are logged with them.

    Communal garden

    what3words location: ///joined.enjoy.assume

    Open 09.00 / 17.00 daily

    WGU Library

    What3words location: ///hands.galaxy.chief

    Monday to Thursday – 08:45 / 20.00

    Friday – 08:45 / 17.00

    Saturday – 10:00 / 15.00

    Sunday – Closed


    LOCAL GP’s

    Strathmore – 28 Chester Road - 01978 352055

    Plas y Bryn – Chapel Street - 01978 351308

    Hillcrest Medical Centre – 86 Holt Road - 01978 788287

    St George’s Crescent Surgery - 01978 290708


    Emergency treatment will be given at: - Wrexham Dental Centre, Grove Road, Wrexham, LL11 1DY

    For an appointment telephone NHS direct on 0845 46 47

    If you are aware that one of your flatmates is ill, please report this to the Residential and Campus Life team/reception as soon as possible and they will advise how to get help.


    Wrexham has several retail parks and a high street full of the top retailers. Eagles Meadow is a new complex with additional new department stores. There are also the traditional markets both indoor and outdoor, with visiting French markets and the farmers markets held regularly.

    The nearest shops to the main campus are: -



    Boots on Plas Coch Retail Park

    Electrical & Tech

    Phone cards

    Sainsbury’s on Plas Coch Retail Park

    Cash point - on Plas Coch Retail Park


    Plas Coch Public House, Frankie and Benny’s and Sainsbury’s all on Plas Coch Retail Park.






    Wrexham University works in partnership with Theatre Clwyd to offer a wide variety of entertainment, from rock concerts to ballet, comedians to choirs in the William Aston Hall.

    Storage –


    Wrexham University Residential and Campus Life team is committed to providing good value student accommodation, in a clean, safe, and friendly environment, delivered by a team of helpful and approachable staff offering a professional and efficient service at all times.


    All Accommodation enquiries are handled by the Residential and Campus Life team. The Residential and Campus Life team in Wrexham Village is situated in John Neal and can also be reached by email

    When dealing with enquiries the team will:

    • Respond to all enquiries in a friendly, polite, and professional manner
    • Make an initial response to each enquiry within 2 working days.

    If we fail to meet our standards:

    Whilst the quality of our service standards are internally monitored, we would also like to ask that if your dealings with the Residential and Campus Life team has not met these standards, please contact Glyn Smith - Residential & Campus Life Manager -


    This standard covers the provision of Residential and Campus Life to all customer groups who use Wrexham University Accommodation.

    Service Level Agreement

    1/ Staff will be polite, helpful, and courteous to customers.

    2/ Staff will observe the requirements of health, safety and hygiene policies and ensure the environment is safe and secure for all customers.

    3/ Staff will respect the privacy of the resident (subject to compliance of Conditions of Residency)

    4/ Staff will promptly report any faults or repairs to the Maintenance Team.  Work will be carried out during reasonable hours to minimise disruption.

    5/ All staff will wear appropriate uniform and name badge so they are easily identified by customers.

    6/ Prices/tariff will be available upon request.

    7/ Room tariffs will be compared against other universities and local competitors on an annual basis in order to benchmark value for money offered.

    8/ All furniture, furnishings and fittings will be purchased from reputable suppliers and will comply with BS standards.

    9/ Communal areas in the accommodation will be kept clean and tidy and hazard free.

    10/ Customers will be notified of any amendments to the service by written notification.

    11/ Accommodation surveys will be undertaken to measure customer satisfaction and results will be available upon request

    12/ The day-to-day administration of all accommodation is carried out in a professional manner.

    To achieve our aims, the following assessments are in place:


    We conduct 2 Surveys that provide students the opportunity to comment on our facilities and service so that we can develop, enhance, and deliver our products and services based on their feedback and expectations. The first survey is held in November after the students have settled into their accommodation, and an end of year survey is conducted in May to establish whether any improvement measures implemented have resulted in an improved service.



    We provide, maintain, and monitor fire blankets in line with current legislation.  We check equipment on a weekly basis and put it through an external audit each year.  The label on each item tells you when the last external audit was carried out.


    You should familiarise yourself with the whereabouts of smoke detectors (in flat corridors and stairs) and heat sensors (in room and kitchen).  It is a disciplinary offence (and a criminal offence) if you deliberately interfere with the sensors, as this could cause serious harm to yourself and others.

    Kitchen doors MUST always remain closed even whilst you are cooking.

    The sensors in the hallways are smoke detectors and will be activated by smoke. It is therefore essential that kitchen doors are not held or wedged open.  The sensors in the kitchen are heat sensitive, so won’t be activated by smoke.  Do not leave cooking unattended


    Fire doors must be kept closed at all times, and it is a criminal offence to wedge them open for any reason.  Your bedroom door is also a fire door.  Security doors and common access doors are also Fire doors and therefore should also be kept closed.

    If you find a fire door wedged open it is your responsibility to close this door. If you find a door constantly wedged open, please report this to the Residential and Campus Life team/Reception as soon as possible.


    Please see our Health and Safety Policy Page 30 for information. 


    We hold fire drills at least three times per year and Fire alarms are sound tested weekly.  You will need to familiarise yourselves with our fire evacuation procedures – there is a copy on the main notice board in your block, you need to identify your fire assembly point and take part in the drills.

    You are expected to always comply with evacuation procedures and to leave buildings whenever a fire alarm sounds and make your way to the designated assembly point. Please do not assume it is a drill: the consequences could be serious.  Failure to comply with the procedure will result in a charge being imposed.


    It is the policy of Wrexham University to promote the health and well being of its students, staff, contractors, visitors, and other users by providing a healthy and smoke free environment. Accordingly, all University premises including Student Accommodation are smoke-free with smoking being prohibited throughout the entire residence.  There is no smoking permitted within a 5-metre distance from the entrance to buildings.

    It is against the law and students are responsible for complying with this policy, (a copy of which can be obtained from the Residential and Campus Life team/reception) and any breaches of the policy will constitute an offence under the University’s student disciplinary procedures and a breach of your conditions of occupancy.


    The use/supply of drugs/Legal Highs is strictly prohibited within residences. Any student found in possession, dealing, or using drugs will face disciplinary procedures and possible eviction from their accommodation.  The police will be informed which may result in an arrest.


    Keeping noise at a level that does not interfere with the study, sleep or comfort of other residents. In particular between 23.00pm and 08.00am each day.

    Please be considerate of noise levels when using communal areas both internal and external especially during the quiet hours. Repeat offenders will be challenged using internal disciplinary procedures


    Not to harass or threaten to harass (including harassment on grounds of age, gender, sexual orientation, religion, belief, race, culture, disability or lifestyle), using violence or threaten to use violence, or verbally assault any person.


    As a student of Wrexham University you will be issued with a Student Identity Card.

    These will be available to pick up from the library, from Monday 26th September.

    You may be asked to show your ID card for a number of reasons these include;

    • If you get locked out of your accommodation
    • Collecting mail
    • Access to Computer labs out of hours
    • Security check on University Sites
    • By completing this induction you are agreeing to provide your name and student number should it be requested by any member of staff.
    • You will be able to collect your cards from our WGU library.


    All guests MUST be approved by your accommodation office. If we cannot identify a visitor, they will be told to leave accommodation.  

    You are responsible for the safety of your guest and take full responsibility for their conduct. You are liable for any damage they may cause whilst visiting WSV as per your contract.

    All residents are permitted 1 guest to stay at one time, are limited to 2 nights and are not to be left unattended.

    Instructions on how to book a guest 

    WSV guest etiquette.

    • Talk to your flatmates about having a guest
    • Everything we expect from you, we expect from your guests too.
    • Don’t leave your guest alone in WSV
    • Guests are only to sleep in your bedroom and not in the communal areas.

    We encourage all students to be actively involved in the carbon footprint of Wrexham University.

    Students are required to recycle into the bags/bins provided and take them to the recycling points. Recycling point in Wrexham Village is next to Laundrette.

    Recycling should be 'clean waste' meaning items that can be cleaned should be (ideally using leftover washing up water), labels should be removed and items that are able to be squashed/flattened should be.


    General waste bin

    You can put any household waste that can’t be recycled or composted in your black/blue household waste bin, such as…

    • Crisp packets
    • Sweet/chocolate wrappers
    • Plastic wrapping
    • Cling film
    • Bubble wrap
    • Polystyrene
    • Nappies

    Paper and cardboard

    • Cardboard packaging
    • Corrugated cardboard
    • Junk mail
    • Newspapers
    • Magazines
    • Yellow pages
    • Catalogues
    • Shredded paper
    • Envelopes
    • Paper toilet tubes
    • Cardboard egg boxes

    Mixed plastics

    • Plastic bottles
    • Plastic pots
    • Plastic trays
    • Plastic tubs


    • Glass bottles
    • Glass jars

    Tins and cans

    • Drinks cans
    • Food tins
    • Aerosols
    • Clean foil

    No thanks!

    • Broken glass
    • Food and drink cartons
    • Dirty nappies
    • Cling film
    • Crisp packets
    • Carrier bags

    Please don’t place carrier bags in any of the communal recycling bins. This will cause contamination, and your recycling bin may not be emptied.

    Wrexham Council 


    Room inspections – Happen twice a year. You will be notified when room inspections are due. You do not need to be present for the inspection if you don’t wish to be.

    Things that students fail on:

    • Unclean
    • Untidy
    • Kitchen appliances in room
    • Anything stuck onto your walls – (items stuck with Bluetac on DOORS & CUPBOARDS ONLY is acceptable)

    Lounge inspections – We will not inform you that lounge inspections are being carried out.

    Things to keep on top of so your flat passes inspection:

    • Empty bins regularly
    • No dishes in the sink
    • Surfaces clean
    • Floor clean
    • Appliances clean
    • No storage of large items in the communal spaces

    Please ensure you use the correct plugs and voltage for the UK, this is 230/240v.

    Please ask at your Residential and Campus life team if you are unsure.



    Fire evacuation drills are conducted periodically by the Residential and Campus Life Team; please ensure you evacuate the building every time you hear the alarm. 
    Failure to do so will result in a charge being issued. 
    Please remember misuse of fire equipment is subject to charges and replacement costs, University disciplinary procedures and/or criminal prosecution.  
    One of the biggest causes of university fires is leaving cooking unattended, especially late at night whilst under the influence of alcohol.  
    So take care in the kitchen and get a takeaway or make a sandwich if you are feeling peckish after a night out!  


    It is a legal requirement every student, member of staff or other person working or living in Wrexham University has to make sure they don’t create hazards for themselves or others, except where it is unavoidable. (Health and Safety at Work etc Act 1974). 
    Everyone working or living here needs to take responsibility for keeping all passageways, stairways, exits and fire exits clear of obstruction. 
    The University will impose a charge to anyone tampering with equipment that is installed for health and safety reasons e.g. fire alarm, fire extinguishers, all charges are payable immediately, charges can be either individual or communal i.e. all residents of a flat. 


    For your protection there are automated detection systems within the residences. These are very sensitive and can be triggered by: 

    • Aerosols being sprayed close to the detector heads 
    • Showering with the doors open 
    • Burnt food and dirty grill pans 

    You agree to adhere to all fire regulations and respond to fire alarms. The fire regulations can be found under the General Codes of Conduct in the Residents Handbook 
    It is everyone’s responsibility to take care and keep your kitchen and bedroom areas clean & tidy – good housekeeping reduces the risk of fire and keeps fire exits accessible. 



    On hearing the alarm
    Leave the building by the nearest, safest exit every time the alarm is activated.  
    Close all windows and doors behind you, if it is safe to do so. 
    DO NOT stop to collect personal belongings. 
    Never re-enter the building until told to do so by a member of university staff. 

    If the alarm is not already sounding make your way to the nearest break glass point (usually located next to a fire exit) and sound the alarm & evacuate calmly 
    Please familiarise yourself with your nearest fire assembly point.  
    Please note fire extinguishers are only to be used by those trained to do so. 
    Never use water on a flammable liquid fire. 
    If the emergency services have not already been called dial 999 and ask for the fire and rescue services. 

    Each building should display details of its designated First Aider who will deal with minor incidents. (Please ask the Residential & Campus Life Team for the procedure). Alternatively contact the Security team, who are all First Aid trained. 
    Numbers to be found on the health and safety notice boards in each block entrance. 
    If however you are in a position of having to deal with a casualty yourself, your priorities are to: 

    • Assess the situation 
    • Do not put yourself in danger 
    • Make the area safe 
    • Keep casualties warm 
    • Send for help – do not delay 
    • Continue to talk to the casualty to reassure them until help arrives 

    The University has a programme in place to minimise Legionella bacteria in the water systems.  You have a part to play in this, if you do not use your taps or showers for longer than 7 days you should run the taps for a period of 2 minutes, taking care not to inhale. 
    If you are away for longer you need to inform the Residential and Campus Life team who will arrange for the taps to be flushed in your absence. 

    If you need to report an emergency such as Fire or Accident the University has an emergency phone line:

    • 01978 293333 if calling from an external line or mobile phone 
    • Ext. 3333 if calling from an internal phone 

    They then have procedures in place to get the relevant emergency service to you as quickly as possible. 
    If you have dialled 999 and requested the emergency services make sure you also inform the Security team who will be on hand to assist and direct the services to the relevant area. 
    Remember to give as much information as possible when calling the emergency services: L.I.O.N 
    Location – the address you are at 
    Incident – what has happened, extent of injuries 
    Other – any other information, you may need more than one emergency service 
    Number – how many people 


    Wrexham University is proud of its continual improvements to reduce its carbon footprint and waste.

    Keep up to date with the university sustainability - Think Green

    Work together by...

    • Switch off all electrical appliances when not in use
    • Switch off your lights when leaving the room
    • Be aware of your water usage e.g. when brushing your teeth
    • Recycle your waste where possible
    • Cook for your flat
    • Reduce, reuse and recycle
    • Drink tap water - University has refill stations on campus
    • Buy Local food
    • Report leaks or dripping taps
    • Shut your windows and doors if the heating is on
    • Only put the amount of water you need in the kettle
    • Have a quick shower

    Your bedroom radiators are partly controlled by the thermostat on the wall in your kitchen.

    Meaning that, If the kitchen thermostat is turned down, your bedroom radiators (no matter what setting you turn them to) will only reach the temp set on the kitchen wall thermostat, and will turn off when they reach that temp.

    If you wish to turn the heating down in the kitchen, please use the control on the radiator(s) and not the thermostat.  

    If you have any problems with your heating this should be reported as a maintenance fault as soon as possible. REPORT A WSV MAINTENANCE ISSUE HERE 

    Please DO NOT cover any heating equipment as this is extremely dangerous. If you wish to dry any clothing, then you must use the laundry facilities provided! Temporary washing lines are not allowed. 

    During the summer months the heating throughout WSV will be turned down to save energy.





    If you need to speak to someone, contact your doctor or call 111 to seek medical advice 

    In order to speak with a doctor you must be registered at one of the local surgeries (see list above).  Please phone for an appointment. 

    When to use a Hospital - The hospital service is for emergency care only. It must NOT be used instead of a doctor. 

    Accident and Emergency Care 

    1. On Campus   Monday- Friday 0800-17.00

    If it is an emergency requiring an ambulance: You must contact Wrexham University reception on 293333, or the security team on 07764 687910 / 07764687909, they will arrange for assistance. 

    1. At all times outside the above hours 

    Telephone an Ambulance by dialling 999 and give as much Information about the emergency as you can and contact Security for help to direct the ambulance. 

    1. In Wrexham Village accommodation - 

    Contact the Ambulance service by dialling 999 as above. Inform security on 07764 687909 or 07764 687910. 

    Please use Ambulance service only in an emergency. 

    There could be a charge for improper use of this service.

    The nearest accident and emergency service is the Maelor Hospital Wrexham 01978 291100 


    You can access mental health support by calling 111 & pressing 2 


    If you require any emergency services, please ring 999 directly.  We also ask you to inform security of the incident so they can be prepared for emergency vehicles arriving. 

    Please remember that the hospital emergency department (A&E) and ambulance services are for serious life-threatening conditions that need immediate medical attention. 

    ACCOMMODATION / 01978293344 

    SECURITY / 07764687909 





    For any questions relating to post and parcels / 01978290666  


    Is located on the ground floor of the Edward Llywd Centre and is the place to go if you would like professional support.  Staff here will listen to your enquiry and refer you to the relevant service or help you to refer yourself through a ‘self-serve kiosk’. You can also access these same services by self-referring via the ‘Access Student and Campus Life’ tile on the Intranet. 


    For questions about your account/payment 

    WSV INTERNET - ASK4 / 01143033232 

    WSV LAUNDRY - CIRCUIT / 08000924068 / 01422820040 


    Offer 1-2-1 support covering a wide variety of academic skills  


    Money and funding advice and support   


    Help looking for part-time and volunteer opportunities  


    A listening ear  


    Support with dyslexia, one to one tutor support and DSA  


    Meet friends, join societies/sports teams, fellow student advisors.  






    TV Licensing students toolkit.

    Purchase their licence on our website. In addition we can also support you in resolving any individual TV Licensing queries.

    If you do any of the above without a valid licence, you risk prosecution and a maximum penalty of up to £1,000, plus any legal costs and/or compensation you may be ordered to pay.  It’s the law!!  Know the facts.



    • 23/24 September - Students arrive at accommodation and is the start of our accommodation contracts.  
    • September - Inventory forms to be completed and returned to the Residential and Campus Life team by the stated deadline. 


    • 1st w- October - 1st Instalment for week contracted Accommodation Fees due. £50 fine for late payments. Please see your Terms and Conditions of Residency.


    • Room checks due
    • Accommodation Survey 


    • Please let us know if you will be away from your room for more than 5 days over the Christmas period by completing the necessary forms provided by the Residential and Campus Life team. 
    • Final date for semester 2 extension applications. 


    • 2nd w - January - 2nd Instalment for week contracted Accommodation Fees due.    
    • Jan/Feb - Departure date for Semester 1 contracts 


    • Accommodation applications for the following year OPEN
    • Early bird offer for returning residents open all month.


    • 2nd w - April - Final Instalment for week contracted Accommodation Fees due. 
    • April/May - Room checks due 


    • May - Final date for summer extension applications. 


    • Departure date for 40 week & semester 2 contracts 


    • Departure date for 51 week contracts
    • Arrivals for new academic year/new accommodation contracts begin

    All room moves are subject to availability and need to be organised through your accommodation office.

    Moves are charged a cleaning fee of £50.00 and this will be added to your accommodation account after you’ve moved.

    Don't forget to complete another inventory form for your new room.



    • Please leave your room clean and tidy.
    • All rubbish must be disposed of.
    • Please ensure cupboards, fridge, and freezer are empty of your items
    • Please ensure all windows are closed
    • Please check the main university post room for post and deliveries
    • Radiators are turned off (to the * setting).
    • Please make sure you take everything with you as items left behind may be disposed of.
    • Leave your room and laundry card with accommodation or security.

    **Please keep in mind our WSV pantry, for items that aren’t worth taking home, but may be useful to fellow WSV residents. Non-perishable, unopened items only please**

    On departure, please drop your key off with us in the accommodation office before you leave.

    The accommodation office will be manned 08.30 – 16.00, Monday – Friday. If you intend on departing outside of office hours, please drop your key off with security (office on the corner of entrance to Wrexham Student Village, next to John Neal block B) or through the security letter box if no one is there.


    All your belongings must be kept in your room. Unfortunately, there is no additional storage space. Please do not block the hallways or corridors, these are needed for fire evacuation.

    Your contract covers you fully for the stated weeks, so you are not required to vacate your room during the holidays.

    All property is left at your own risk. We do not accept responsibility for frozen food lost because of a freezer breakdown or power cut, so your insurance policy should also cover food damage and loss. With this in mind do not allow ice to build up in the fridge-freezer - it is the student’s responsibility to clean them.

    The great news is that we include insurance for all the students who live with us, by partnering with Endsleigh, the No.1 student insurance provider.

    Ahead of arriving, spend a couple of minutes confirming your cover by registering with My Endsleigh.



    Unfortunately, we don’t have storage facilities at WSV

    Seven seas worldwide

    Thomas Brothers - removals and storage- WREXHAM

    Big padlock - storage WREXHAM

    Wrexham storage container - WREXHAM

    Store first Storage WREXHAM/ELLESMEREPORT


    Most complaints can be resolved easily and informally by discussing them with the relevant member of staff and we recommend you try and seek an informal solution as soon as you experience a problem by reporting your grievance to the Residential Life Team.  However, if an informal resolution is not possible, then you should refer to the University’s Student Complaints Procedure available on the Student Portal at Student Administration. Students should seek support from the Students’ Union Advice Centre where an advisor can offer support at the Informal stage, discuss the options The Student Guide 2022-23 Page 10 available and provide guidance on the Student Complaints Procedure. Students studying at partner institutions should follow the partner’s complaints policy in the first instance.



    Fire doors MUST be kept shut at all times and must NOT be held open by any means. Fire doors which are found wedged open will result in disciplinary action being taken with up to £100 fine

    Wedging fire doors open = up to £100.00 Fine

    Damage to fire door = Charged at cost price 

    Damage to internal door – Charged at cost price 


    It is a criminal offence to temper with fire alarm system, smoke sensors, fire break glass, extinguishers etc.

    Anyone found causing such damage will be reported to North Wales police and will face prosecution and immediate eviction from WSV with a fine of £50.


    ROOM MOVES - £50.00

    Room moves are charged a cleaning fee of £50.00.

    Changing rooms without authorisation will result in both parties being fined £50.00 each.

    CLEANING CHARGES - £50 fine and hourly rate.

    If your bedroom or communal area has been found to be in an unacceptable state, you will have been given 24 hours to amend it, if it is not amended, external cleaning charges will be imposed.



    Wrexham University has committed to the Universities UK Code of Practice for the Management of Student Housing in respect of its accommodation sites at: - 

    • Wrexham Village, Wrexham Campus.  

    The code aims to promote best practice over a range of management activities including Health and Safety Standards; Maintenance and Repair Regimes; Environmental Quality; Landlord and Tenant Relationships; Student Welfare and Anti-Social behaviour. 

    A complaints procedure external to the University exists in respect of breaches of the code, should any complaint not be resolved through the Residential and Campus Life team or Wrexham University complaints procedures. 

    More information regarding the UUK Codes of practice can be found on: -