Christian is an international student studying Aeronautical & Mechanical Engineering and a participant in the summer school at Wrexham Glyndŵr University.  

Why did you choose to study at WGU?

Studying with WGU for a German Government approved technician level qualification is the best opportunity to achieve academic skills in an appropriate time. Also, the experience to study in a different country with English as a main language offers us so many possibilities for jobs later on. The combination of Aeronautical AND Mechanical Engineering gives us a good understanding of flow behaviours, fluid dynamics and mechanical engineering skills. This raises our job market value to another level.

How do you find the support here?

The open-door policy of this University is great. It is extremely useful that we can contact our lecturers easily by email, just show up at their office, or even write to them via WhatsApp if we have a problem.

What are you hoping to do in the future once you’ve graduated?

Go on with studying to achieve a master’s degree. And after that, of course finding a good, interesting and challenging job. In my opinion, the perfect job is a combination of the working environment, colleagues and your task. If you can find a job which fulfils those requirements and has a good salary, it should be the perfect job. With this education, I climbed up a very important step on the ladder to that aim.