Laura studied BA Hons Criminology and Criminal Justice and MA Criminology and Criminal Justice at WGU from 2017-2022.

"I am currently a case manager in HMP Stoke Heath, supporting offenders in custody and delivering 1-2-1 or group interventions to support the change in offenders’ behaviour to cease from criminal activity."

"I chose Glyndwr after I heard about their amazing criminology programme, I also heard that the lectures were amazing. Support form lectures was the main reason I decided to choose Glyndwr university."

"As a student, I attended all lectures and engaged. I had to self-study, but I also knew my weaknesses. I have dyslexia and with the support from tutors and a one to one to support me with my dyslexia I completed the course and went on to the master’s programme."

"Glyndwr university and the programme I undertook supported me to prepare for working within the criminal justice system because everything I was taught was relevant to the criminal justice system, from learning about changes in legislation, to the relevance of how a system is constructed. The lessons learnt from past cases to understanding theories that can be implemented in to understanding a person who commits criminal offences."

"My favourite part of being at Glyndwr was meeting other students with the same aspirations of myself, finding friends that I will take with me who have all gone and found employment in different areas but are still a support network for me."

"Some of my career highlights have been being able to motivate people to make positive changes in their lives. I have supported those on IPP sentences to be released from custody. I have supported people to start engaging who else would have been isolated in their cell for the duration of their sentence. I have saved tenancies with multi agency working and supported those who had extreme mental health stop self-harming."

"For anyone thinking of working in a similar field, I would advise to keep working hard, every person at some points feels like they are losing motivation. However, the end goal is always closer than the day before, use all the tools, skills and opportunities Glyndwr has to offer. Find volunteering to put into practise to build your experience, and enjoy being in university, and enjoy the experience."