Lorna is an MA Art Practice student at Wrexham Glyndŵr University. 

What were you doing before coming to Wrexham Glyndŵr University?

I was a part-time caregiver working with the elderly, a self employed artist/maker and a mum.

What attracted you to WGU, and to this course?

WGU appealed because of its local situation and because the course ran within what I saw as being an art school with an independent identity and 'art school' mentality.

What did you enjoy most about your course?

I have enjoyed being back in an educational environment. Having had a long career break to bring up a family, it was lovely to be amongst people of like mind and to think academically again.

What surprised you most about studying it?

The biggest surprise was how much my art practice has developed. My studio practice has been closely examined, reflected upon and restructured to the point where I am confident it will be sustainable after leaving Glyndŵr. 

How do you think you have benefited from studying at WGU? 

Studying at WGU has benefitted me in a number of ways; my confidence has grown, I have enjoyed being back in education, I have had access to opportunities and facilities that otherwise I would have had no idea about and I have met so many lovely people, both staff and students. I have also benefitted by being introduced to the process of research into both context and practice, something that was somewhat lacking in my first degree.

How do you think your course will help you in your career?

My course has helped me to define who I am as a creative. It has helped me re-evaluate what is important to me professionally and where I want to go with my career. The course has given me chances to challenge myself and gain presentation skills, my confidence has grown and I no longer fear being put on the spot and having to justify my practice as an artist. In the future, I think I shall miss not having the student status I have now. It has given me the freedom I needed at the time I needed it most.

What was the support like?

I shall also miss the peer support, I've made some great friends here, and intend to keep in touch with them. They are part of my new network. I wouldn't have met any of them had I not studied for this this MA at WGU.

What I found particularly good about being at Glyndŵr is that staff seldom said no. I have been provided with my own studio space, I had access to facilities and expertise and wherever possible staff are willing to help and support me in all my self-initiated projects. If you know what you want from the course, it's a good place to get what you need.